What do you think about being Alabama’s homecoming game

WRONG by A Mile Ducky

Though u may not like jackson and maybe he hasn’t played well he was recruited by all the big boys
Capps had offers from lot of SEC schools and was a highly rated 4 *

Marshall same thing
Briston Guirdy had offers from LSU, ALA FSU
Merrick offers from just about everyone
Henrich mostly B10 but also ORE
Kid from ILL same lot of B10 nut lower ones
One from Missouri was highly recruited big name schools can he play who knows but we are not the only one who missed

Yes there are 2 walk ons starting so what??
Neb lived on that for years and tons of wins
They recruited around the country but walked on most of those big country boys and when they were jrs they started and did very well

Read Richards post about who CBB beat for a lot of these kids

You love the stars so much it blinds you.
I dont care if they put all kickers on the line so long as they block the right person.
So maybe next time YOU should do a little research before popping off


What difference does it make? A loss is a loss and regardless the game will not be close.