What do you think about being Alabama’s homecoming game

Let that sink in for a bit.

http://rolltide.com/news/2017/2/21/foot … ekend.aspx

Sure, we can’t claim the greatness of Alabama history, but the ghosts of Arkansas Razorback greats over the years can’t be too happy.

They’ll kill us.

Someone’s gotta do it. I guess they’re tired of sacrificial lamb for homecoming and decided to have some smoked pork instead. I just hope we can play them a little closer than that 63 point beat down they put on Ole Miss. Really I wouldn’t feel bad at all if they ONLY beat us something like 42-7.

Doesn’t bother me at all. We’ve had Auburn & Ole Miss as our HC opponent. We try to have homecoming in October when the leaves are turning. I have no idea why we’re Alabama’s homecoming opponent, but I doubt there was some special “they’ll be an easy win” reasoning behind it. We play them in mid-October, a prime time for homecoming: weather is usually not too hot nor too cold. And usually not a rainy time of year.

Worked out ok for Troy

Plus they got a six-figure payment for the opportunity to beat the Kittens, uh, Tigers.

I think we should lace our cleats nice and tight and go in there and embarrass them by pulling off an upset. WPS GHG.

If they won, they need to tweet something similar to what Troy did after beating LSU last night:


Makes no difference to me. I am sure they give more consideration to a knat around their head than they do us. They play SEC football and have an SEC O & DLine. We failed to recruit those for some reason.

Until proven otherwise:

it’s Christians vs Lions

Pull Allen from this game - save him for the rest of the season Ark simply doesn’t have the OL warriors yet to protect him

Well somebody has to be the whipping boy.

Don’t like it, but:

10 straight wins in series by Alabama including back to back 52-0 beat downs.

What do we expect?

I agree. And those corners know he will have to release fast so they will hug our guys at the line closer to pics

LSU is Florida’s homecoming appointment this week. It happens; you can’t necessarily schedule a cupcake for homecoming every year

Arkansas was Alabama’s homecoming opponent in 2015, too. I think it has more to do with the timing of the game. Looking back a few years, early- to mid-October seems to be when Alabama likes to schedule its homecoming game.

enjoy the color and pageantry

Silly statement.

Agim had offers everywhere
Smith same
Jackson yep same
All of the OL had big time offers except the JC guys and even some of those
they may have some problems still
TCU is better than you think and TAM is 1 point away from unbeaten and they have a hell of DL
they killed SC

Don’t slap down the players because you are not happy in your world.

This is just completely incorrect.

Two of the OL are walk ons, with no other SEC offers. One was a DL with offers to play DL. Colten Jackson didn’t have any other SEC offers. So that leaves Ragnow, who is the one starting OL who did have offers to play OL elsewhere in the SEC.

Outside of Agim, the DL isn’t even close to SEC level, Jackson hasn’t ever lived up to his hype. Smith had an offer to Vandy, if hardly consider that another SEC offer to cling to.

Let’s be realistic. If we are going to try and call people out. Or change your perspective on big time offers.

From what I saw in the Louisiana media, almost a million dollars to come in and beat LSU.

Who says we aren’t? back to back 52-0 suggests we have extra icing and sprinkles…