What do you all think of Auburn moving to the East

And Missouri to the west. I think I’d be okay with it not having to play them every year.

I had never thought of it until I drove to Auburn last year for the football game realized just how far it is. You’re almost in Georgia when you go there.

Its campus is probably as close to eastern division teams than west, if not closer. It makes sense from a geographical standpoint.

All of that said, I don’t think it will happen unless the SEC adds a couple of more members on the western side of the footprint. This is a topic that comes up every summer and is promptly shot down by the commissioner.

One other thing: I understand football is the car that drives the discussion, but making a decision like that based on leveling out the divisions for one sport is short-sighted. There is no guarantee Missouri will be down or Auburn will be up for long.

The west is best now, but it wasn’t 10 years ago that the east was the king of the conference. It will recycle at some point.

I think Auburn wants to move based on geography, not competition. They’re going to continue to play Alabama anyway. Yeah, they’d get rid of LSU and A&M but they’ll pick up Florida and Tennessee. You’re right that competition is cyclical. Auburn will be up and down. So will Misery. And Bama. And everybody else.

Well, I brought it up because the Auburn AD was pushing for it in this weeks SEC meetings.

He’s mentioned it. But they’re not talking about it in the meetings, according to Greg Sankey. And there is a major problem with it if you happen to own a houndstooth hat. If Auburn goes to the East, Bama loses the rivalry with either Tennessee or Auburn; they can’t play both on annual basis. Bama doesn’t want to lose either one. And we know Bama pretty much gets what they want, not to the EOE-A extent in the Little Dozen, but plenty.

It appears that while they may not have (or, perhaps, did) talked about it in the Destin meetings, there are concrete plans for it to be discussed in meetings later this year about scheduling, adding a ninth conference game, and scrapping the divisional format. Both the Auburn AD and Gus have come out in support of a move to the East.

Not saying it’s going to happen, or is imminent; am saying just that there’s more than just a little smoke about this matter.

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I don’t really see a problem with moving Auburn. It makes some sense. I do understand that they won’t to continue to play Alabama as a cross over. Fine with me. Missouri always made more sense in the SEC West. It makes more sense to have Missouri in the SEC West in baseball, too. In most other sports, it’s not a big divisional thing anyway. Those are the two sports that I see it having a direct impact.

I do know that the power within the divisions runs in cycles. However, I have not seen many cycles where Vanderbilt and Kentucky are loaded for long periods of time. I would guess that the East is going to be less than the West in most cases.

The big problem would be Bama wanting to play Tennessee and Auburn every year. The solution would be a nine game conference schedule with two permanent opponents from the other division for each school.

One other solution would be to move Bama and Auburn to the East and put Vandy and Mizzou in the West and keep the eight game conference schedule. That might not be real popular among the other members of the “new” East.

Let’s just get it over with and add Oklahoma and Oklahoma State to the SEC West and move Alabama and Auburn to the East. lol! SEC West–Arkansas, LSU, Mississippi State, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss and A&M. SEC East–Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee and Vandy.

If Auburn moves to the East and Missouri to the West, that would mean that we’d get UGA or Tennessee as the permanent cross-division game. I don’t see much difference between having to play any of the three, but would love to play more games between the hedges of Sanford Stadium or in Neyland.

I suspect this is what will happen eventually. Most other P5 leagues are going to nine games, or are already there.

If and when the next round of musical conferences start, my guess is (1) the Big 12-2 will implode, (2) we’ll pick up the two Mobilehoma schools which will go into the West, (3) Misery will also move to the West, and (4) the Alabama schools will both wind up in the East. But in the short term, the Misery/Auburn swap makes sense.

If OU and OSU were added and the scenario you mentioned takes place, the SEC east would essentially be the old SEC and the west would be a weird blend of old SWC, Big 8, and the Mississippi schools. And the west would be seen as weaker as well, unless OU and A&M prosper.

I’m all for Auburn going to the East but it will never happen - because Bama feels that a Auburn to the East is too easy a rout to the SEC Championship game

Bama will wave the “TRADITIONAL” RIVAILY FLAG and demand Auburn stay int he West - The SEC Front office will cave or suppress any talk of such things because Bama is the SEC

But Yes Auburn belongs in the East Moo U belongs in the West

If OU and OSU came to the conference moving both Bama and Auburn to the EAST would be good for Arkansas I think - sadly we are still stuck maybve for ever now - with Moo U as the Thanksgiving Weekend under-card before for the real games later that weekend

I think this is nothing more than prep to add 2 more schools