What do we pay?

Big question… We are we going to pay certain candidates

Morris making $2mm now.
Norvell heard he is making $1.9
Brent V $1.9

Some are talking in the $4MM range. I know CBB performance from a win loss perspective was horrible. But when he was hired he had a definite pedigree and had won big in a power conference
Morris 12 wins in 3 years… no way we double his salary
Norvell has 75% winning %, but only 2 years in a weak league…no way he gets $4mm
Brent v. Proven to be a great d coordinator … $3.5 max.

Just because a lot of schools are fools and paying $7mm are we going to play that game as well

With a 3 yr. contract

I don’t think a coach can operate/recruit on a 3 yr deal

Only if there is a $ 1 buyout. And a no twitter clause. And he has to steer clear of the sorority houses and the volleyball team. No Harleys.

And if he agrees to the above, I still don’t want him.

I don’t think he’s married anymore…

Never stopped him when he was. :shock:

Well no but you know

I expect the new coach’s contract to be somewhere in the $4 million per year range for four or five years.

It will be north of that number and depend how much is allocated to assistant salaries. All salaries in Sec took big bump when Jimbo and Gus joined the Saban club. Key will be the buyout costs