What do we know about

Vandy’s starting P tonight?

Devin Futrell. Lefty, 6-5, 200 soph. In SEC play he has a 3-2 record and 2.94 ERA, with 39 Ks and only 8 walks in 52 innings. 6-3 record overall. Lost his last two SEC decisions to Mustard and Florida. Has allowed more dingers than any other Vandy pitcher in the SEC with 9, though, and also has allowed 10 doubles. Has Vandy’s only successful pickoff in SEC games, and nobody has stolen a base on him.

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I thought I heard someone on the radio say he is a righty. Either way, I’m not as worried about lefties as I’ve been in the past. We seem to be hitting them better this year.

Earlier this season, our BA against lefties was much better than against righties.

I haven’t heard any stats lately.

Lefty. If we’re patient today, swinging at strikes, we should fare well.

Futrell began the season as Vandy’s No. 3 starter. I thought that when he, Owen and Holton were on, Vandy had the best rotation in the league. Obviously that is not the case right now with Holton out and Owen possibly out this weekend.

Futrell was the freshman who started his first SEC game last year at Baum and pitched pretty well on Friday night. He has strong numbers, including a 1.14 WHIP. I don’t think Vandy’s defense is going to give Arkansas freebies again, so the Razorbacks might have to manufacture some runs against him or drive his pitch count up and get to the bullpen relatively early.


It is .291 vs. LHPs and .274 vs. RHPs.