What do we bring to the SEC that it wants?

It’s not competitiveness in the biggest sport.

It’s not TV sets for advertising dollars.

I know why we want to be in the biggest football and revenue conference of course.

But what keeps the SEC from kicking us to the curb for others?

It would be ridiculous for them to do that. Other sports like track, baseball, and now women’s soccer are doing very well.

A few years of football hell, doesn’t constitute kicking us out or other teams should be kicked out as well.

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A top 5 baseball program
A historical top 20 basketball program
The greatest track program in the history of the sport

We are the darling of SEC football right now… we used to bitch because we rarely played Vandy… a pushover. Now we provide a break in a tough SEC schedule for other teams to get their first team off the field early and give the third string some reps.

A sure win for the other 13 teams in football, and that’s the truuuuth!

Somebody has to be the worst team in every league. Right now it’s us. But that won’t always be the case. This isn’t European soccer where you get relegated if you finish last. Good thing for Vandy; they would have been permanently relegated decades ago.

I don’t ever call for someone to get fired, unlike a number of the armchair ADs on this board, but I will no longer be surprised at all if HY cleans house. That could take the form of clean out the assistants or the HC will be cleaned first, or he may send virtually everyone packing.

We bring baseball, track and field, cross country, soccer, golf and two basketball programs that are at least competitve. We also give our football brethren a chance build their confidence and collect a sure W without having to stress too much. Every conference needs a doormat.

There is zero financial reason for SEC to keep us in SEC.

We have not shown much competitiveness last roughly 25 years about 70 percent of the time in biggest revenue sport that pays for the others.

I think coach Broyles getting us in best thing in History of state.

But SEC could likely replace us tomorrow fairly easily and not lose a cent in revenues or prestige.

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Yeah. Always kick out the worst program. SEC will become one team before long.

I understand the frustration fans feel right now, but this kind of talk is silly.

Not suggesting we go to another conference at all.

Being in the SEC is among the best things to happen to the state of Arkansas.

Would be tragic not to be in the SEC.

I’m only asking at a time of potential future alignments sometimes discussed, what is it that makes us a compelling want vs other programs around country with more TV sets or greater success in last 25 years of flagship sport.

I don’t think the SEC is going to be making any changes. And, if you remember, it was Arkansas (and Frank Broyles) who talked the league into the expansion game that made the league the most profitable in college sports. That was an Arkansas idea and every President and AD in the league knows it. The SEC will not forget that. It’s that simple.

Good historical point, Clay. I hope everyone remembers for a long time.

On its own, I’ve always been afraid our economics and weak performance most of last 25 years would not fare well if evaluating programs against those with more TV sets in other markets or more national prestige in the money making sport.

Often thought an addition of a Virginia Tech for instance brings in DC and mid Atlantic tv market to SEC and hoped it would be in addition to and not instead of us.

I think Virginia Tech likes being in the ACC. It makes sense with the proximity of the Carolina schools and to be paired with Virginia. There is one negativity to playing lots of games in Virginia Tech for an SEC team and that’s the travel. Not easy to get there.

NC State’s stadium is 222 miles by freeway from VTech, and that’s a circuitous route that requires starting out going southwest out of Blacksburg. The three other NC schools are closer. UVa is 150 miles away. That’s a big chunk of your scheduling within 3.5 hours by bus, or car for the fans.