What Do Former Hogs Think of CBB

Give this a listen… it sounds like our 1978 Orange Bowl Team is, shall we say, less than impressed!

http://hitthatline.com/78-orange-bowl-t … rent-hogs/

I talked to a former Razorback just the other day who said this team is pitiful, and the coaches have no idea what it takes to compete in the SEC.

He’s a younger Razorback, played in the Nutt era, and was a well liked kid. Not going to put his name out there though.

I think Matt Jones has made his opinions obvious as well.

I heard similarly brutal from an OL guy that started in the 80’s. Said he’s been saying it for 3 years.


I think the results speak louder than any current or former player can. Five years is a fair amount of time to evaluate a coach. I like the man and hope he pulls a rabbit out of his hat and wins out. I doubt that is going to happen. If you have three mediocre seasons sandwiched between two terrible seasons, chances are good that you are not the right man for this job.

It’s not working right now and hasn’t for almost a year, but I still think he is a good coach and a good dude who has flaws like all the rest of us.

I know there are plenty on here and plenty of former players who think they could do a better job, love to use the name Bert and go after him on a personal level.

He’s done so much for those who are less fortunate, have lift-threatening diseases and comfort those who have lost loved ones, but he doesn’t talk about that and try to get it out there to make himself look better.

Criticize his coaching and the results all you want, but let’s lay off the personal stuff.

I’m making that plea even though I know it will likely fall on the same deaf ears that it has when I have asked y’all to lay off each other and just debate sports.

My broNlaw, a Hog on the 64 team, is ready for a change. He cancelled his trips up for the Tiggers and Miss St games, and turned down an invite for the OM game. Won’t be back until, and …

waiting on 2018!!!

As I am.


" We are the Rice of the old SWC."

" Those guys (OL) are not going to get better. They can’t play, I’m sorry."