What did ESPN CollegeGame Day say about Ark vs TAMU?

I’m working the farm this morning so couldn’t hear or see the Nat or on ESPN about the game

I have to admit I think it’s the game Ark Offense must break out

Running game and oline protecting ark QB of I expect a UGA like game

Any link or summary of the ESPN evaluation of the game ?

TYSM to anyone who post

I didn’t catch the ESPN comments, but on SEC, they mostly talked about how good A&M is playing & that A&M needs to run the ball to open up for the QB to either run or pass. They also talked a little about how Arkansas will have some defensive wrinkles ready. After that, they just discussed the odds that A&M can run the table for a 9-1 season.

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When it came time to pick games at the end, everyone picked A&M. (They did have a segment earlier about the culture change that Sam Pittman is doing at Arkansas and Indiana’s coach is doing at his school.)

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Well - hoping this is the Ark offense breakout game - it’s time

Thanks - I’m hoping I can catch the comments on the culture change CIA h Sam has brought

Time for the offense to get in sync and have its breakout game - that happens Arkansas can win and my guess will unless the SEC Officials Save TAMU - which you can never underestimate SEC graft to protect its top ranked programs

Ark just has to put play them

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