What did Enos learn from pros....................

…when he visited several teams during the off season? The receivers have hinted that it is some good stuff and, so far, I think they have kept it under wraps. My guesses:

  1. New screen passes - Imagine Devwah Whaley lose with Ragnow and friends leading the way.
  2. Reed running deep for a catch after faking the block and Austin pump faking to Morgan in the flat. They have thrown those swing passes to the receivers over and over and there are some variations that can be very effective.
  3. Misdirection runs. Back starts to the right, linemen pull going left, and back reverses behind them. Used against fast defenses who slant a lot.
  4. Naked pitches to tailback going weakside when we are in an unbalanced line. You need a defensive end crashing trying to make a play from the weakside against our unbalanced line. Imagine Rawleigh or Devwah lose outside with Sprinkle leading the way and Froholdte pulling to block the linebacker.
  5. Look for Sprinkle to stay in to help block the defensive ends early and to then later to peel off to receive a screen pass. When Sprinkle blocks they will have to have a linebacker assigned to mirror him because of his late release threat. He can slow down the defensive end and take another guy out of the coverage. If they don’t assign someone to him, Austin can dump off to him all day for good gains.

They have been showing the unbalanced line a lot and they will be ready to exploit Chavis adjusting to defend it. Can’t wait to see what Enos comes up with.

Hope your right. We’ll need it for this game.

I’ve noticed us going off tackle to the weak side when lined up inan unbalanced line. Setting future teams up?

They have run to both sides in unbalanced looks. I’ve been unable to notice any particular tendency as to which side they favor. I’m sure Enos has done that on purpose. He is very good at self scouting.