What did CJ do?

Does anyone know what happened?

I read he was missing team meetings,

he apparently has a problem following the rules.

I saw one rumor, not confirmed, that the team made him the spokesperson to why JSJ or Jefferson weren’t starting and he got into it with Morris. I highly doubt that’s the reason, but it was rumored.

I don’t believe that unless there’s some good solid evidence to back it up. Apparently, CJ just did again the kind of thing he’s always done. It’s a stupid thing for him to do in the final month of his senior year, but apparently that’s sorta how he is. Too bad. He’s a great athlete.

I don’t know any specifics, but when I saw his tweet last week I said “he’s back to being a knucklehead”. It seems he will never get over that. I suspect he’s knuckleheaded himself out of any shot at a pro career; he has the tools but the mental aspect isn’t there.

I initially thought his record would be an obstacle at the next level and then I remembered how Belicek seems to either think he can reform the player or just doesn’t care, if they can play. I have an opinion, but will defer to folks who really know!

He will get a chance with the pros, the tape is too good. It will be big whether he gets a combine invite, because he needs to win some interviews to get a chance to get some draft bonus money.

NFL will play a Martian drug dealing axe murderer if it can drag 5 guys to a touchdown.

More interesting might be whether he went to coach about KJ and whether coach reacted - or whether no truth to it at all.