What D for Vandy?

When they are playing at the level they are currently, w 4-5 good 3 point shooters on the floor at all times, they are really hard to guard. They do a great job with the dribble penetration to kick out for 3, which is a chronic weakness of our d as we sag and slap at the ball a lot trying to create TO’s. Hopefully 3rd game in 3 days will get to their legs and drop the 3 pt % a bit, otherwise I think they are a very tough match up for us.

Not sure what the best D strategy is–we are much more effective at stopping dribble penetration in the match up zone but obviously zoning them is fraught w hazard.

We made our comeback at Nashville by pressing their guards. Press/traps would also take advantage of their fatigue after playing two straight nights. I think we’ll put some pressure on, if we make enough shots to press off made baskets.

I agree. Three games in three nights, and you have to expect they left some emotion behind with the FL win. Run, run, run. Wear them out.

Vandy has not handled our pressure defense very well at times. LaChance gets in a bind with nobody else being a good outlet at times. We could use full court press and Zone with short bursts of man to keep them uncomfortable.

We are no longer one dimensional on defense,we can adapt to do what works best by trial and error. The worst thing we can do is get locked in to something that’s not working and get down by 15 before changing the D. This is where I think CMA has won the favor of many fans including myself is that he’s flexible on defense compared to years past when he was reluctant to get away from full court press and man D. Also we have evolved in to a team that plays two bigs and three guards at times which is the result of the emergence of Trey Thompson evolving to a all around player. I guess basically I’m saying I have know idea what D we will play predominantly today and being able to play multiple defenses effectively may be the most underrated asset of this team. MA has done a great job of late and with our excellent free throw shooting percentage we are able to close out close games with confidence. WPS

I agree that multiple defenses are a strength of ours and kudos to Mike for adjusting. When and how long we use a defense is where the problem. Vandy is a patient passing offense that likes to swing the ball around the perimeter until they find a good shot. They usually find someone open on the back side of our trapping man and man we used in the first 2 games. The game in BWA was painful to watch as our Man left us out of position with a wide open Vandy shooter. We got down 25-4 with our man and never could recover. We didn’t have Trey playing at this level then, we didn’t have the level of performance we have now back then either, and the match up zone we use is better than our Man.

Man needs to be used to speed up the game to get into their legs in their 3rd game in 3 days…but sparingly used to change up rhythm. We can’t start in man and let them get a 25-4 lead in their home town. Our trapping Man defense allows dribble penetration; especially when MK is covering a guard at the 3 pt line. Our trapping man and man are not good while also allowing easy outside shots like what you would normally expect from a zone. A team with multiple outside shooters will kill our man defense with “Man Busters” instead of Zone busters.

Trapping man or man has left us out of position or out manned in half court. Mike adjusted by using more a matchup zone that led to us winning 7 of the last 8 games. Kingsley and Thompson are good together in the zone which has led to our best offense and defense during this 8 game stretch. Moses Kingsley is better in the zone because he is close to the basket instead of covering a guard on perimeter. Moses will not try to switch back when he gets stuck on a guard. Odd. Our defensive rebounding is better when we are in Zone too because our bigs are under the basket. OM killed us last night by getting over 20 offensive rebounds.