What coaches would consider this a destination job?

norvell from what I read

Yes but too inexperienced imho:
Lash lee

How bout Dino Babers ? Syracuse

I don’t think Coach Mahlzahn considers this a destination job and I certainly do not believe he would leave Auburn for Arkansas…

I’m sure Tim Horton would.

Chad Morris and Mike Norvell likely would

What about pulling Bob Stoops out of retirement?

Morris would be a great hire, he is a legendary Texas HS coach.

I like chad Morris, his offense is open and he has a great connection with the Texas coaches and the RB coach there was the head coach at Desoto HS if I’m correct.

that is heckuva good point

we need reestablish recruiting in texas for sure

he might be the guy…
any chance TAM interested in him … or would be if he were successful at arkansas or UT ???


I mentioned Gus in the case he tires of Auburn or vice versa

Rb coach is now head coach at Marshall,Tx. Jeff Traylor former Gilmer and UT coach is Rb coach. If Morris leaves be he would be candidate at SMU, he is a really good recruiter.