what coaches are responsible

for special teams play? i know they break it down, different coaches coach different aspects of special teams.

just curious

Someone said it was Bret himself. I’m actually interested in knowing that as well

Specifically, who decision was it to kick to Kirk the last time?

I mean we had successfully kicked to both sides all day long. They were in a 2 deep, we knew where Kirk was.

Did we leave it up to the kicker to decide? Did he not execute?

I think this is as bad as missing a 25yd field goal.

No way no how should Kirk touch the ball on the last kickoff.


Earlier in the game we kicked away from Kirk and he went over and took it anyway. The only way for us to make absolutely sure he didn’t return it (since we don’t have a kicker who can kick it out of the end zone) would be to kick it out of bounds. Or sky kick, and we saw how well that worked.

Kirk didn’t touch the ball on the last kickoff. The last kickoff we pooch kicked it and the had it at the 50 yard line with only 20-30 yards to go for a chance to tie with a FG.

In my opinion, we should have kicked the ball deep on the last kickoff. We should have taken our chances to stop them, as we had all game, with the exception of the previous kickoff.

The pooch kick, in my opinion, was not the right call. We likely gave up at least 30 yards of field position because of that.

I am pretty sure that they did not plan to kick to Kirk. Sometimes it doesn’t go where you aim it.

I do know that Bret’s specialty area is the punt team. Paul Rhoads works with the kickoff team. That’s generally how it works. Defensive coaches work with their players on the kickoff team. It’s defensive personnel.

Sure looked to me like a lot of the cover guys were headed to the left side of the field. My guess is they told the kid to kick it to the left and he just pulled it. Of course, if BB came out and said that he would be accused of throwing the kicker under the bus again…

What’s the rule on kicking it out of bounds? I’ve read (from not reliable sources) that the receiving team has the options of a) taking it at the 35, b) 5-yard penalty and re-kick, or c) taking it where the ball went out of bounds. Many posters seem to believe that is an automatic at the 35. If that were true, I don’t know why anybody would ever sky kick since you will rarely do much better than the 35 with significant chance for worse. However, options b and c would take kicking the ball out of bounds off the table because the opponent could just keeping pushing you back unless there is a massive screwup by the kicker in their favor.

You are correct that there is an option. They can make you rekick from the 30, or take a 5-yard penalty from the spot it went out of bounds, or take it at the 35 (or the 50 for a free kick following a safety).

I learned today that John Scott is responsible for the kickoff unit. It’s something he did in the NFL.

I also learned that by the last two kickoffs, there had been “three or four” subs because of injuries or depth issues. Grant Morgan was out at that point. Kevin Richardson was pulled in pre-game from that unit.

Good point. I think a lot of people assume that you can just plug in anyone on special teams with no dropoff. Imagine a defense with three or four backups in a game. That’s essentially what happened on that kickoff to arguably the best return man in football.