What channel on DirecTV is the game on

Buffalo wild wings and Walk ons have DirecTV so I figure I’ll go over there and watch it. The guide says 684, is that correct?

I believe it is 674

I’ll be watching at Buffalo wild wings I’ll just tell them to find it

3pm central time. 674

That’s strange because when I googled what channel is AT&t Sportsnet on DirecTV it said 684

I figured out what the deal is… 674 is AT&t sports net Southwest… 684 is AT&t Sportsnet Rocky mountain…

You are correct, Yoda. Per the DTV channel guide, 674 is ATSWHD. My guide doesn’t even list channel 684. It lists all three games today, starting at 11:00 with MO vrs Baylor.
3:00 Hogs vrs OK
7:00 Texas vrs LSU

I’m looking forward to it going to go to Buffalo wild wings and enjoy the game and eat some good food!

That should be a great venue to watch the game.
Wings aren’t bad either!!

yes I love BWW and I will go to Walk Ons Sat night.I’m very blessed to have both 5 min from where I live.

That certainly is convenient!

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Yes indeed :blush:

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