What Chad Morris said on his radio show Wednesday night

Chad Morris continues to praise the preparation for the Arkansas football team. That was his message Wednesday night on his weekly statewide radio show from The Catfish Hole. He said work for the Vanderbilt game has been going well.

In particular, Morris said junior quarterback Ty Storey has practiced well this week after getting clearance from concussion protocol on Sunday night.

“We definitely missed his on field leadership (against Tulsa),” Morris said. “We missed some things, some checks. We got Ty cleared Sunday night and he had really good practices yesterday and today.”

Morris said Vanderbilt’s multiple defense is a challenge for the Arkansas offensive line.

“They are one of the top teams in our league in creating turnovers with 14,” Morris said. “They are constantly changing their fronts. Our offensive line will have to work hard to pick up their different pressures.”

Morris was asked about his son Chandler joining him on the sideline during the Tulsa game.

“Coaches’ kids have to sacrifice a lot because of the hours we work, but that’s OK because there are a lot of things they get to do that a lot of other kids would want to do,” Morris said.

“Chandler got to be in there with us in pre-game and I noticed him bugging some of the players like Michael Woods. I told him, ‘Leave them alone, they are trying to get ready for a game.’ Then after the game, I noticed Chandler dancing with them so it was fun.”

Does Coach Morris’ family live in Dallas while he lives in Fayetteville? That can’t be much fun. Doesn’t his son play football at Highland Park? How many kids does he have?

Two kids; daughter is a student at A&M. They bought a huge house out toward Goshen. I think Chandler is probably staying with friends, which isn’t uncommon if a family moves before the senior year of high school; kid has friends, probably a girlfriend, plus playing on the HP football team and didn’t want to uproot.

Thanks for he information. No wonder he goes to see his boy play ball every chance he gets. It must be tough having one of your children living in another city. A coach has a strange life in big time football. You are traveling constantly and moving quite a bit. This is not a life for everybody.

They have a neat family. Daughter has helped in the recruiting office when she’s home. I think she will work there full-time when she graduates soon at Texas A&M. The home is not near Goshen. It is northeast of town in the Bridgewater sub division. I call it the Coaches Sub Division, same street where Dave Van Horn and Mike Anderson live. Petrino and Bielema had homes there. Goshen is south and east about 10 miles. This is a Fayetteville address, inside city limits. Paula, Chad’s wife, sits in the stands at games, home and away. She could sit in a box in the press box, but prefers to be in the stands so when she cheers she can effect the game. No one hears you when you cheer inside a suite with the windows shut. A former school teacher, Paula is a great, strong willed lady. She rides horses and suffered an injury earlier this fall. I think maybe a horse stepped on her foot. She had to wear a boot for a few weeks, but discarded it short of the end of the rehab period.

I got the Goshen thing from a notice published in the Arkansas Times, which was the only thing I could find online about his house, but Max Brantley’s disdain for all things Hog came through even there. So I’m not surprised that the details were a bit off.