What Chad Morris said on his radio show Wednesday night

Chad Morris hit on some of the same topics on his weekly radio show Wednesday night at The Catfish Hole. The Arkansas coach touched on “continued daily improvement” as he discussed last week’s Alabama game and preparation for playing Ole Miss this week.

“You look at the way the season has gone, especially the last four weeks, you see our players fight and give everything they’ve got,” Morris said. "What I see is continued daily improvement and a spectacular effort to get better every day.

“We want growth and there is growth. But we need wins and they are going to come really soon.”

Morris said his message is the same, just to get better and fight. He said that’s the way “the entire state approaches everything. It’s what our state is about. It starts with me as a head coach and it goes with every coach and our support staff. It’s just who we are.”

Morris was asked by a supporter at the restaurant if goals were reached last weekend in regard to recruiting.

“Yes we did, it was a huge weekend,” Morris said. “We had well over 150 recruits and 10 official visitors. Our goal is to be the best at what we do and it started with a great Friday night at The Catfish Hole, then we transitioned to the game and then we had a great event at my home Saturday night.”

Morris said the offense continues to evolve each week. Asked about the success the Hogs had against Alabama with 31 points, Morris said it started with success on first down.

“We took what their defense does really well and used it against them,” Morris said, noting Alabama’s quickness and speed. “We used their pursuit and got underneath them.”

Clearly, the offense used its tight ends well, too.

“We got nine catches from the tight end position,” he said. “C.J. O’Grady had seven and we continue to get effective play from Austin Cantrell and Grayson Gunter, our other tight ends.”