What CEM can learn from CSP

Players often replicate the behavior and actions of their head coach. CSP gets that. CSP maintains a mature and professional demeanor on the sidelines with the officials, his staff and players. Doesn’t get too high or low. He sets the standard for the team to follow.
CSP takes the responsibility for losses, doesn’t make any excuses or throw any of his players under the bus. If the team struggles in the third quarter, he adjusts his halftime routine.
There’s a lot to learn and like from CSP.
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Good post, and I’m a Muss fan. He’s one of the best coaches in any sport we’ve ever had.

However, he needs to clean up his spoiled brat actions after losses.


One more thing, and I’ll shut up (related to the original post).

Nick got stripped of the ball once. Rather than chasing the ball down court to try to stop a layup from TAMU, Nick stood there with his hands up looking at the ref.

He should have been benched briefly, imo.


I think CEM is a helluva coach. I really do. He has done a great job and I am hopeful this year will be reflected back on as an opportunity to learn. I found it really refreshing to hear CSP’s comments on what he learned from last year. I actually think changing our coordinators this year is good for CSP’s growth as a HC.

CEM can learn from CSP and I think CSP has learned from CEM (and CDVH.


Could Muss be more professional in his mannerisms on the court? You bet. But please remember some of his fellow coaches here in the SEC , Calipari, Pearl, Oats, and soon to be joined Beard. These guys could use some instruction in mannerisms themselves. And on how to be better men as well.

I’m sorry. I’ll never set my standards on the lower denominator of other people’s actions.

I could absolutely improve on some of my professionalism at times too but I don’t lower my standards for myself based on others either.


I think Muss is a better defensive coach than he has an offensive coach… Nick admitted that they don’t run hardly any plays just puts the ball in players hands and expects them to make the right choices…

I know he studies a lot of professional and college teams .I would look and see what some of the best offenses in college basketball are doing and try to implement some of what they are doing. He first has to get the type of players that he wants to have in his program. He is basically a perimeter offensive coach right now and if he stays in that he needs to go out and get him 3-4 Great not good! 3-point shooters and try his best to make them into great defensive players. I think he has seen this year just how hard it is to win when you cannot shoot the basketball no matter how good you are on defense which is always been his trademark.
I think he learned something this year and as the ole saying always goes “you never too old to stop learning” I think he learned some things this year and will be an even better coach for it going forward

Getting a little tired of some implying that Muss’s mannerisms and actions on the court are such an embarrassment to the team, University, State, and Conference. Really? Boy, I wish posters like yourself would be as critical of the other coaches I previously mentioned. Compared to them, Muss is a paragon of virtue.


The offense is the second half sucked. Pure and simple. As far as the way Muss blows up like a baby he needs to watch himself and see how stupid he looks. The players act entitled and like brats because their coach does the exact same thing.

I don’t really care if you’re tired of it or not. Is it a huge deal on the scale of 1-10? No. Does he need to work on it? Yes. I don’t care about other coaches. I care about ours and I care about how it could negatively impact our team. That’s all I care about.

No. You clearly care about what others think. But the people whose opinion you crave could not care less what Muss said or did after the game last night. I prefer my coaches get a little angry after his team blows a double digit lead for the what? Tenth time this season?

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I find it a bit amusing and a tad ironic when I see people complaining about Muss and his demeanor on the sideline. When it was just a few years ago there was complaining about Anderson’s lack of one. People wanted to know why he wasn’t on the refs more and showed more passion on the sidelines.

Personally, I like Muss as a coach. I think he is the best we have had since Nolan. I think he has a real solid chance to get us to the Final Four and maybe with a lucky break another Natty. I just think he needs to recruit a few more shooters.

I also think we cannot dismiss the importance of losing Brazile. I’ll almost wager he was our biggest loss this year. We only had one Big that could pull his man out of the middle when they are packing the paint. Brazile had the feet/speed to drive by when the apposing center came out on him or shoot from the 3 at a modest percent. And no matter how good a coach Muss might be there was no way to patch that loss.


I don’t listen to sports talk at all. I used to listen to Justin and Pat Bradley when I lived in LR but that has been years back. You don’t know me at all so it is laughable for you to try to tell me what I care about and what I don’t. There are countless people in sports that hate to lose but don’t act like a child when they don’t win.

With out a doubt, best post in this thread, maybe the whole bball page threads, agree :100:

I posted something similar a couple of days ago.

CMA could have shown a little more fire during a game. I’m not complaining about CEM DURING the game either. I just think he needs to dial back the post game antics. Go shake hands and go to the locker room. Win with class and lose with class.

As far as men’s coaches on campus, CDVH would be a good example. We all see his fire on the field. I’ve never seen him act like a child after a game or get into it with fans. CSP gets plenty fired up during the game at referees but he seems to be pretty professional when things don’t go his way as well.

We don’t care what other coaches do. We care what ours does. We control what we can control. Your kid get to act a fool because the neighbors kid act a fool? No. Take care of your own. That’s the point. CEM too worried about what the refs are calling the other way. Take care of your players. Stop worrying about others. That’s the problem.

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I said the same thing in another post…

Pearl seems to be a fun coach. Don’t see any problem with his on court behavior, Everything I hear from players is that he is a fun guy to play for. I don’t see any problems with Oats on court behavior either.

Cal and Muss have a lot in common about on court behavior. However Cal has been a very successful coach for a long time and every sign says Muss will probably match Cal’s record, if not better.

So this is to point out that the behavior has nothing to do with how successful they are.

I’ve taught my son’s and all the boys I’ve ever coached that you have to hate losing more than you love winning.

Muss hates losing and Im glad he takes ever loss hard. Every coach does it different and Muss is not as bad as some make him out to be. Cal and Pearl are going crazy every possession. Sometimes on the refs sometimes on the players.

If you think Muss is out of line go watch both Hurley brothers coach at Az St and U Conn. Absolute maniacs!


Really enjoyed your post and what you said about Sam is the very reason I put the letters NE: before his initials in all the post I write, NE: stands for no excuses, NE:CSP! WPS