What can wicklander and Noland do to really improve

I think for true freshman both of them showed signs of really been great pitchers but how do they make significant progress for next year.
Wicklander I think may need to make a mechanical adjustment kind of like they said Campbell did this past offseason because his release point is not consistent and why he is prone to Be wild, I also would love to see him perfect a changeup that would be devastating to right-handed batters. I think he will gain two or three miles an hour on his fastball if he can just perfect The Change-Up and be more consistent in throwing strikes he can be an ace.
Connor I think probably really does need to just focus on baseball. I think he too will game 2 or 3 miles an hour on his fastball,would love to see him perfect a slider like Scroggins had because most all of his home runs came on breaking balls that are breaking from 12 to 6 and he’s hanging them that slider would go from 3 to 9 and be very very hard to pick up and is devastating to both right-handers and left-handers, would love to see him also perfect a changeup to give hitters something else to think about.I think he was pretty much a 2 pitch pitcher this year.

Really looking forward to seeing how these guys progressed over the offseason they are huge to our success next year.

Another year in the weight room will do wonders for both of them. They will also have had another fall ball with Hobbs. It remains to be seen whether Noland will pursue baseball full time, but I’m convinced that is his best option for the future. (I really hope those who say that he is going to devote full time to baseball are right.)

I do too,think he can be a good quarterback but could be a great pitcher.

At present Noland would be either 3rd or 4th string QB , but a weekend starter for baseball. That should be a no brainer as to which sport he should be concentrating on as Clay said he could be a first rounder in MLB draft before he would be first string QB at Arkansas.

Let me add my “amen” to the votes of those wanting Conner to devote full time to baseball. He has a potential pro career in baseball & I am sure can become a really first rate pitcher for us. I just don’t see him moving ahead of all the QB’s on campus and that we’ll continue to recruit. Baseball might not be quite as big a sport at the UA as football, but it’s no longer a minor sport. It’s one of a trio of major sports. Hog fans are about as zealous for it as for football & basketball. I know I am. (I overhear conversations about hog baseball everywhere I go. Heard someone at lunch today talking about Casey Martin & hitting. Wouldn’t have heard much baseball conversation in the “coffee shops” even as recently as 10-12 years ago. Now it’s common. And I’m in Little Rock, not Fayetteville.)

Would love to see Wick stop bringing those hands above his head to start his motion. Never like for guys to lose sight of the plate.
Weighted balls, core strength and just overall strength are going to change both guys for sure, both can make a huge jump.

Get stronger. Weight room and fall ball will help both. Both need another pitch. Changeup sounds good to me.

Another year of maturity. Next year is their time.