What can we expect from Georgia?

How do they stack up to us?

I have no idea, but they’ve been winning very well against SEC competition. I’d say we’re pretty evenly matched. Of course, it’s pitching matchups that really matter in this scenario. If one team has the hotter pitcher/hotter bats, it wins. So many little things can affect either one. The biggest variable that concerns me is that we’re on the road & they’re at home.

That, plus they’re catching us at less than full strength (Biggers, Koch; Shaddy still rusty in the field, plus Cronin not having his usual stamina quite yet).

It’s on the road where we haven’t really shined at all this year. Hope to win one, anything else a bonus. We just need a top 8 seed to play at home in regional and super regional. We are awesome at home. I don’t expect van Horne to throw the aces much in Hoover. Get them rested for regional. And get some starters healthy.

Team ERA: Arkansas 3.43; Georgia 3.66.
Earned Runs Per Game: Arkansas 7.00; Georgia 5.81.
Batting Average: Arkansas .304; Georgia .286.
Opponent Batting Average: Arkansas .238; Georgia .228.
Fielding Percentage: Arkansas .973; Georgia .979.
Schedule Strength: Arkansas 3; Georgia 5.
RPI: Arkansas 5; Georgia 4.

they are way better than MSU and LSU who beat us 5/6 but we have played nowhere near as well as we can on the road and hopefully we can finally bring our A game with us if not we will lose the series no doubt.