What Bear from GameDay has to say about Arkansas

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In Bielema’s time at Arkansas, the Hogs were ranked 63 out of 65 Power 5 teams in games decided by a touchdown or less. Our record is 5 wins and 12 losses. In essence, we don’t win the close games and, in fact, we are one of worst in college football in close games.

Does that mean he is a bad game management coach, we play teams better than us close, or we choke under the pressure or we are losing games we should win? It is a bad statistic…no matter how you analyze it. We aren’t winning the close games and a good coach does that. I feel bad for the guy…I wish he could turn that around, but I don’t see it happening this year. This year may be all he has here.

Sometimes, I think, teams have to learn to win, especially young teams. I remember a few years ago CMA and the basketball team was having problems winning on the road. A coaching friend told me that it’s hard for teams who are not used to winning road games to break through. It seems CMA’s teams have kicked that door down after the last few seasons. It’s still hard to win road basketball games.

For CBB and his teams, it’s not the road game that is the problem, it’s the close games anywhere! They may have a losing mentality and expect things to go bad in tight situations. I’m certainly no expert, so that may or may not be the case. They’ll occasionally win one, but can never get over the hump enough to establish a new mindset of “we’re going to win this one.” I don’t know if that’s the answer or not. Everybody can being everything right and one person–the LT or RT, a LB out of place, etc.–can blow a play up. We’ve seen enough of that for a team to start doubting its ability to win.

There are a multitude of coaches that coach teams to close games. CBB has a history of doing that here and at Wisky.