What assistants might Chavis bring?

Will he get to hire entire defensive staff?

buddy wyatt might be the Dline coach. Long time guy all over Texas and even did a stint at Alabama

Van Malone could get a look. SMU DC who is a heckuva recruiter

Van Malone would probably be the secondary coach…he brought in some elite talent to Texas A&M.

And probably this guy…


he has the ability to attract some top notch coaching talent

Amazing players he had a hand in recruiting to A&M.

I hope he attracts Steve Caldwell to coach D-ends.

If we go in this direction(Chavis&crew), we will have an
upper echelon defensive staff.

I think that is the direction headed. I also think John Scott off the current staff. Oils be retained. I was told he is/was the best recruiter off of that staff. Results prob hard to judge in what he did, but A man I trust told me late in year that Scott is a good one.

If Chavis can bring in some great recruiters, things will change for the better quickly.

Clay, I know Jim Washburn was amazing. But coach Caldwell was right up there in my opinion.

I know coach Chavis likes to have a DT coach and a DE coach… I would love for that to be coach Scott and coach Caldwell!

Throw in a great DB coach (Ron Copper) and maybe a Tommy Thigpen for LBers and this will be a good staff!