What are your expectations for the 2020 season?

I’ve read some College World Series or bust type comments lately. Has Arkansas become the type of program where that is the expectation every year?

I’m interested in what you all have to say.

I’m more tempered about it than that.

My expectations, with Van Horn at the helm, are to be consistently in competition to make the CWS. That doesn’t mean I always expect them to make it, however.

Baseball is one of those sports that’s not always about the more talented team. If you’ve got the better starter that day, you can win.

The CWS takes some breaks to get there even for the good teams. What I expect is a team that plays hard, is fun to watch, and is in the post season.Every.Year.

I’m going to have to be convinced that Razorback pitching is up to SEC competition. We have been spoiled the past two seasons by the ability of our Friday night starters to win consistently. Knight and Campbell were outstanding. I’m hopeful but not convinced we will have the caliber of pitching that got us to the College World Series the past two years. GHG!

Make the tournament? Yes, I think DVH’s history makes that reasonable (he’s missed it once since his first year at Nebraska, 20 out of 21 seasons). Make it to Omaha? Well, once you get to the tournament, going 5-2 or better gets you to the CWS, but it’s a lot more difficult if you don’t have home field for the regional and super. But Dave has made it to Omaha eight of those 20 seasons, and didn’t always have home field to do it. Omaha is at least a reasonable possibility. And by May 1 it might become almost an expectation if we’re playing very well.

Can’t resist the opportunity to remind you what Omaha stands for:

I think we are to the point where most years (this one yes) I think I expect to get to the WS. Now, does that mean a year that we don’t make it is a bust? No, not at all.

Well, maybe “expect” is to strong of a word. I know I expect to be in the top 6 of the SEC. I know I expect to make the SECT. (I know I don’t expect to win it). I know I expect to make the NCAA’s. After that, I guess “expect” is to strong of a word. Have a reasonable hope of making the Supers? Yes. Have a reasonable hope of making the CWS? Yes. But I guess the other posters are right “expect it” is too much.

CWS is just a bonus for me, what are the odds to make it three years in a row?
Sure I’d like to see it but I’ll be happy w kickin’ butt in the SEC.

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It’s hard to tell. It will depend on our pitching. I like where we are in that respect, but until we get into the season there are still question marks.

I do expect to make it to the tournament. Should we get a top 16 seed, I like our chances to make it to the super-regional.

Everything fell into place for the team that ended up finishing as runner up. The previous team was good but lost in the Regionals. The next team was expected to be competitive. We then got a tremendous boost when Knight, Shaddy, and Bonfield all ended up coming back. That was what pushed that team from being a potential regional host to a favorite that ended up living up to the hype.

The team last year was not nearly as complete. There was a point in the Auburn series (with Vandy coming up next) that it looked like the wheels were about to come off. Great coaching, Isaiah Campbell, and lack of injuries allowed that team to make it back to Omaha which when looking back on it…may have been their ceiling.

This year the the ace is not proven but the overall pitching should be deeper. The starting lineup will have to prove it is similar or better than last year. The pieces are there. The bench will be as deep as it has been in a long long time.

I can’t say I expect Omaha, but I sure wouldn’t be surprised.

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Momentum in baseball lasts until you run into a hot pitcher. Florida State was still riding the wave of emotion for Martin’s last hurrah and they shut us down. We shut them down too until they scratched out a run in the ninth off Scroggins and Cronin. Then Noland and Kopps couldn’t hold a 3-0 lead against Tech and Scroggins again wound up taking the L after we tied it in the eighth.

Omaha is a bad time not to hit. It’s happened to us before (2015 was two-and-through and we never looked like we could win either game). But we could have lit up Florida State’s guy like we did several Friday night guys through the season, and then who knows?

I agree I know I’ve heard we may have the best Pitching staff top to bottom in a long time but so many unknowns for me to expect Omaha but if we do indeed have that deep of staff I expect us to get there.

I expect it to be the goal every year. But there are so many factors. Injuries are the key factor. You will have injuries. Can you absorb them. Injuries to front line pitching is tough to overcome. They have had some of that of late, but it wasn’t at the same time. Scroggins and Kostyshock were hurt at different points. They could absorb that. And, they didn’t lose any position players for significant time. Middle of the field (catcher, center field, short and second) stayed healthy. That’s important.

I’m like a lot of guys on this board, I expect them to play hard, win a lot of games and be fun to watch. Making it to Omaha three years in a row is a lot to ask for but that is definitely our goal. The thing about the build up to the season is that we are all so excited to see what happens during the year. But, I also have a wait and see attitude about our pitching. I expect good things but forgive me for this…baseball is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.

I think this year is a CWS or bust year because of Martin and Kjerstad. Not simply because of who they are, but because of who they were as freshmen. We have been saying this would be our year for the last two years. I think we surprised most people by our appearance in Omaha last year, but people knew the 2020 season it would be an expectation. As long as our pitching staff finds ONE reliable arm on the weekends, we have a really great shot at making it back to our second favorite ballpark.

I think there are easily two good arms to begin with: Wicklander and Noland.

I agree, I am just hoping one of them can consistently make it to the 6th or 7th inning. Even constantly giving 5 good innings will be remarkable.

Yes, i do expect them to go to the CWS. We have everything that a team needs to get there.I expect our pitching staff to be very good. Our lineup will have two All Americans in Martin and Kjerstat and the best defensive catcher in the country.I think we also have the best coaching staff in college baseball. I think our pitching will make a huge jump this year after having a full year with Hobbs.

The goal should be to make it to Omaha win it all! I just want to see our hogs play hard and be competitive. With the amount of luck that comes into play in baseball anything can happen to prevent them from making it! Like the LSU loss last year!
My personal goal beat Texas every time we play them! Omaha would be a bonus.
With the turnover on the mound and in the bullpen we will see!
“In DVH I trust. “.

That’s the team’s goal, but that’s not the question. The question is what is a reasonable/realistic expectation for us as fans. Or maybe unreasonable/unrealistic expectation.
I could say I expect us to go 70-0 (56 regular season games, 4 in Hoover, 3 in the regional, 2 in the super and 5 in Omaha) but that’s not reasonable or realistic. And the team with the best regular season record in recent CBB history, Oregon State in 2017, didn’t make the finals in Omaha despite going 56-6.

Yeah, I expect to get to Omaha this year, but I understand the difficulty. I want to host a regional. That’s the first goal. Then be a national seed who hosts the Super Regional. Failing that, to at least have a shot at winning the super regional wherever it is.

I’d love to win the CWS. I know that’s a tough goal to meet, but if we can get there, we have a chance. I was very disappointed to go Ofer last year. I think we were a better team than that. Sometimes teams just get hot at the end of the year. FSU did it last year. So did TT. Vanderbilt was the best team, so it’s hard to say we should have won the CWS, but I’d have liked to have faced them in the finals.