What are we gonna get from notae, baybay?

Obviously a lot of talk about how Vanover GAMEOVER is gonna help us next year, but has there been any talk how what kind of impact JD and BayBay will have LR how they are progressing?

I’m guessing Muss brought JD in to play a key role next year with the loss of Whitt. I’m not sure on BayBay as he was a late add and he hasn’t received rave reviews from early in the year.

The incoming recruiting class will impact more than The transfer sitting out in my opinion. Vanover would have been a huge impact this season. Next year he will help.

Obviously there are several guards coming in so roles will earned, but JD will have the advantage of having played a year of college basketball and also being in CEM’s system for a year.

Bay Bay should get some time because of being a bigger guy and the fact that I don’t think CEM would have brought him in if he didn’t see someone who could give him minutes - no matter how many.

CEM loves Vanover and his mind was already envisioning match ups last summer on how he could best take advantage of them.

It will all work itself out with several more answers than questions next season

I’ve posted this analysis of Notae’s game like three times this month:

Two things he must do better. Shoot FT’s and cut down on the TO’s.

Yeah b/c i asked about his game a good while back.

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