What are we going to do about QB?

We don’t have one

Your right, we dont have one. We have 5

We have several and one or two will come thru. We’ll be just fine at that position.

Competition will eventually produce one. I think it’s a wide open race. Chad Morris has always had a knack of finding a way to generate offense and quarterback play will be good – eventually.


The same thing was said on this board and others about OL before the 2016 season when concerns were raised - Bielema has always had good OLs so eventually they will come together.

Never happened.

Not saying it won’t in this case, but just because Morris has produced good offenses in the past doesn’t necessarily mean he will in 2018.

Personally, barring a grad transfer I’m hopeful it will be Noland. Not impressed with Ty’s physical ability and I think Cole is immature and undisciplined.

The most important key to this season is pretty obvious…what level of play are we going to get from the quarterback position. After watching the spring game, it is a mystery to the average fan like me who doesn’t see any practice. Daulton Hyatt looked to be the best athlete of the 3, but Clay says he is not an accurate passer and is playing 3rd team for a reason. Nobody is counting on a freshman…so where are we? It looks to be a battle between Kelley and Ty Storey, just like it did this spring. Neither was really impressive in the spring game, but that was just one little scrimmage.

This should be an interesting summer and fall camp…we finally do have a real quarterback battle for the first time in years. I think a freshman has a chance to play a big role simply because we don’t have a real good quarterback on campus. Logic says we are going to have to make do with what we have this year, but hope springs forth every year, and we are all hoping somebody will emerge and lead us to a surprisingly decent season. Razorback fans deserve something good…it’s been a while. Maybe…just maybe…somebody will come forth and get it done.

I’m amazed at how far Cole Kelly’s stock has dropped. After the OM game last year, did anyone on this board not think he was our QB of the future? Was it the incident on Steamboat drive that has brought on this doubt? His performance this Spring? Or just a feeling that he doesn’t fit this Offense? I haven’t given up on him. I see a big guy with a big arm and a lot of swagger. Not fast, but a very capable runner. If he does what his coaches want him to do, I think we’ll be just fine with Cole running the Offense this Fall.

I will say this.

He was working with the campers on Sunday night and clearly is in the best shape that I have seen him in awhile.

How was his touch on the long ball and swing passes? Not worried about his running. I think Morris will scheme to get him the opportunity to make plays with his feet. If he or Ty can’t hit open receivers in stride, we are going to be hurting…a lot.

Dudley, did you see JS Jones throwing to campers? If so how did he look?

My sentiments exactly, because this is the Sec West that we play in and that pretty much changes the game. WPS


We will not have a good QB this season, and the person who starts likely won’t next year.

I still think that this offense can support having two QB’s in the mix. One great one would be nice but the consensus is that we do not have that one standout right now.

Another question to consider is if we start the season with QB1 and QB2 being the front runners what are the chances that one or both of them are not in the top two mix by mid-season or shortly thereafter?

We better be making up a lot of ground in all aspects of the game this summer. We cannot wait until fall camp and do it all then…

Let’s surprise a lot of folks this fall! WPS! :slight_smile:

I think this offense can thrive with a system QB, and the system is flexible enough to accommodate great runners and mediocre runners. SMU’s QB last year was in the latter category, and their offense still lit it up.

So one or two of the five in the mix are going to end up producing some good numbers, once CM figures out who he can plug in to the system with the best results.

I am not sure if we really will know how the QB race shakes out until the end of September or early October. The early non-conference games may not be a true gauge of the QBs, given the fact these are the first games in the new system and the level of competition. At some point in that first stretch of games against SEC teams I think CM is going to decide what to do about the rest of the season, and then live with the ups and downs of the permanent starter.

Since this is year one, and most everyone will be happy if we just manage to break even and go to a bowl, he has lots of time to experiment and evaluate. He also has the luxury in year one of either making a bold move to one of the newcomers or redshirting them.

Cole is going to be ok on planned runs, but I am very concerned about his lack of quickness to side step a rush. He is especially weak at running away from the rush. Hiatt and Aune may be the only 2 capable of out running the rush.

I have been on the Connor Noland bus as soon as I saw his highlights,he is the most technique sound QB we have signed in a LONG time can tell he has been to many camps and has been well taught.He will have to learn the speed of the game but this offense is very similar to what he ran in HS so that will shorten the learning curve.
He is the best option for QB(eventually) because he can make every throw you want him too and is very accurate(kelly is not) and fast enough to evade the rush(Kelly is not).

I totally understand he’s a True Freshman and its tough for them to make the transition quickly but I will be shocked if he’s not the QB eventually because he is the best dual threat QB we have IMO.I know Kelly will get 1st shot at QB because of game experience and I hope he has improved and does real well because I am fan of the TEAM but from what I have seen of him makes me think he is not going to be the long term answer.