What are they thinking department?

UCLA freshman G/F Peyton Watson has announced he is leaving school after one season, hiring an agent and entering the NBA Draft. He tweeted that he had made the decision after discussing it with his family.

Never heard of him? You aren’t alone. Young Mr. Watson averaged 3.3 points, 2.9 boards and 12 minutes per game for the Bruins this year. He was a McDAA last year but after this decision his next career choice may be making Big Macs at a real Mickey D’s.

And if his family was telling him anything but “you need to take your butt back to school,” they’re as crazy as he is.

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Have no info here, but when I hear things like this, all I can think is they do not want to have to mess with the academic side of being a college athlete.

Upon some further research, it was suggested that Russell Westbrook left UCLA with some unimpressive numbers as a Bruin, became an NBA superstar, and now every Bruin thinks he can do the same. But Russ averaged 12.3 in his second UCLA season; Watson ain’t even in the same area code with that.

Some lessons are only learned the hard way, sadly, of this I am certain.

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