What are the SEC rules on rain delays?

If today’s game gets through 5 full innings, is it an official game, or does it have to go 9 innings?

Unless there has been a change I don’t know about, because it is not the last game of the series, it has to go nine innings. And if it is postponed until tomorrow, it would not be completed until after the game that is scheduled for TV.

I hope the game is complete today!

Are we near resumpion?

No. I think it will be around a couple of hours, at minimum.

Gentlemen’s bet, Matt. I’ll bet we’re playing within an hour from now - in other words, by 5:30 PM Central.

It has stopped raining, but it is still lightning in Athens. For every lightning strike within 8 miles of the stadium, add 30 minutes to the delay.

The worst of it passed through Athens about 10 minutes ago, so the lightning ought to stop in the next 15-20 minutes.

There’s beautiful weather in Fayetteville!