What are the little things that need improve?

Most of us on this board appreciate where the program is and the circumstances of a major rebuild.

We all want magic now but that’s not alway realistic.

We know we need SEC level roster and have struggled for almost last 25 years for consistent talent levels. This staff has brought in some good looking receivers and young players but we need more classes as we know.

When evaluating new coaching staff, you appreciate all the above and can grade on a curve sometimes.

But there are little things where I struggle where I want more confidence in a staff.

Maybe it’s insignificant but want to have more confidence in the little things.

Among them:

  • clock management/ lack of aggressive play calling. Watching the clock run out at half again might be smart on some levels, but doesn’t say we are letting it all hang out and coming to win. Petrino famously took at shot at Cobi Hamilton before the half vs LSU as one example. Why don’t we try?
  • tackling 101. regardless of talent we seem to struggle there and are inconsistent. And you don’t seem to see much team tackling.
  • adjustments are painfully slow: Starkel didn’t have it from the beginning and even coach said he noticed it early, but didn’t do anything about it until too late.
  • O line not physical until the whistle: we know we are doing it with scotch tape line but when a running back gets stood up you tend to see several linemen standing around watching.
  • where is the fire and passion? It’s an intangible but you don’t see much from the staff or team. Maybe a function of being young team or maybe motivating team not as strong a staff characteristic.

I know we are rebuilding and it’s hard to be patient, but it seems we are missing the little things that would otherwise give more confidence in direction of program - at least to this one fan.

Good post, Bush.

50 seconds left in the first half and 2 time outs and we let the clock run out. This was Houston Nutt game management. That is plenty of time to take it down the field for a field goal. We are not playing to win…we are playing not to lose. They obviously don’t trust Nick Starkel to do what needs to be done. Ben Hicks is the better option. He may not have the arm talent, but he is more mobile and certainly is cooler under the heat.

Coach Morris, in my view, should have gone to Ben Hicks to start the 2nd half. He waited too long to put Hicks in the game. Hicks has earned the starting job on this team, especially after his play at A+M.

Coach Morris has no game day presence or charisma. He has no fire about him. He stands on the sideline and watches the game. If I am making $3.5 mil, I want to protect and save my job. I am calling the plays. I am not putting my future in someone else’s hands. That makes little sense. It’s not like Joe Craddock is a play-calling savant. Third and 10 driving on Kentucky deep in their territory in the first half, and we run up the middle with a line that can’t open a hole. Bizarre.

Treylon Burks is one of the best players we have. Morris knows this. Get him the ball. We did in the 4th quarter…why not the whole game? The kid is an NFL talent. He and Trey Knox are playmakers…how many touches did Knox get or balls thrown to him? Get the ball to Knox, Burks and O’Grady. Boyd is a hoss, but he, unfortunately, is not durable.

We all know we are short on talent…this team is better than last year, but some of the coaching decisions and our inability to stop a one dimensional Kentucky running attack is just baffling. You stuff the box and stop the run. Make the Kentucky guy beat you throwing the football. He has 78 yards passing and we get beat. Really? How many licks did we get on him. Not one hard hit that I saw. Outnumber them at the line of scrimmage…whatever it takes to stop the run…that’s all they have. He couldn’t pass.

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I agree. I’m all in on it taking time to rebuild from essentially a death penalty situation. And am trying to be patient.

But we are patient if we see coaches giving team every shot to win.

With exception of a few, this staff is mostly inexperienced at this level, and we face a daunting task.

But even if you have five stars all over the field, you want to see that your coaches are doing the little things and the intangibles.

To this fan’s eyes, this staff need show more on improving the little things so you have more confidence they are capable of the big things you want in what should be a big program.

The problem is the little things aren’t little—they’re huge, especially when there is a supposed talent gap (I don’t believe there was last night).

It’s penalties. It’s clock management. It’s approach to the game. And the bad news is the last 2 aren’t usually things a coach can change. You either have it or you don’t.

He’s supposed to be some genius innovator and he’s as conservative and slow to adjust as anyone we have ever had. His unsuccessful HS trick plays don’t change that.

In Boyd, Burks and O’Grady, we have three pretty dynamic weapons and it seems with a little imagination and preparation we could keep a defense a bit off balance with a variety of play calling. It seemed in the first half, at least in the passing game, we focused only on O’Grady.

When the HC makes decisions that are passive or (chicken) the players see it too! Between play calling, time management and the failure to change QB’s it makes me wonder what the heck he was thinking! There’s no excuse for getting beat by Kentucky!
CCM needs to man up and take charge! Take over the play calling and show some fire on the sideline. Stop showing up to post game press conferences like you want to kick your dog! I don’t want to hear we are close from another coach!

high school and the sec are worlds apart. the other head coaches have a lot more football knowledge. you cant just get anyone for a coach in the sec they will be in over their head. the smart people at THE UOA should know that.