What are the chances

the NCAA drops their 50% attendance
capacity mandate for the NCAA Tournament?

At this point, none. They’ve got everybody working under that figure, including Omaha. Also applies to OKC for softball, etc.

I don’t think the NCAA will change that figure for the regionals or super regionals. I’m not optimistic it will change for Omaha, either, but that is far enough out and enough of a moneymaker that I could see a slight chance of it changing if covid rates remain low enough.

It’s time to loosen those restrictions. Certainly will be by June. Even 12 year olds will be getting vaccinated by then By then the only ones at games will be those who’ve been vaccinated, those who’ve had the disease, or those who don’t care. The last category will probably be the smallest group. If they get really sick from it, maybe they won’t be around someone who can’t get the vaccine but they’re mostly risking their own health.

The NCAA is not likely to make any changes to the 50 percent capacity rule for post-season. I’d be really surprised if anything changes.

I went into a restaurant the other night that had a big sign on the front door that said enter at your own risk. We do not wear mask and if we can get another person in the door they can come in. It is up to you. That sign had been there since early last summer. I understand they did a lot of business and they were certainly packed when I was there.

That is a little extreme, especially a few months ago, but not so much now. It should now be up to each person. Everybody should know the risk. Would love to see BW full again and would hate for those games during the regional and OMA to not have crowds. Anybody who wants the shot should have it now. Heck, they are even running busses around here begging folks to come in. If they don’t, then it is their decision. Time for each of us to look after ourselves.

How in the world did I get to this? Oh yes, baseball crowds.

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… Some things you just can’t say. Like -common sense- or the truth.

The last thing the NCAA wants is to see headlines in August, “College World Series identified as super spreader event”. So they’re going to be overly cautious to avoid that.


I don’t think this is the kind of thing where “common sense” really applies. It’s scientific knowledge that is beyond the sense most of us have. However, it seems that scientists are now telling us that as we become more and more immune (mostly by vaccination & to some extent by having had the disease), outdoor events pose a smaller & smaller risk. I saw a figure this morning that said 37% of our population has now been vaccinated. By June, and with the eligibility of children above age 12, that figure should be much higher. If we can average 2M per day for 30 days, that gets us to about 57%. Add those who’ve had it, and we’re pushing 70%.

It just seems to me an outdoor event, even with people going to indoor restrooms, poses a minimal risk of much spread. The CDC is being cautious and I understand that. but as I heard Dr. Fauci say recently, we need to reward people who are getting vaccinated by opening more things.

“SCIENTIFIC” opinion is just that. OPINION, because there is not some monolithic wall of agreement. You could burn at the stake at one time for a multitude of positions that did not line up with the “prevailing” scientific/world view. I wish folks could grasp the daily barrage of propaganda that we are force fed. Be careful of absolutism.

Scientific opinion can be wrong, but it’s much more likely to be correct than the opinion of those who don’t study the things scientists study. If a doctor tells me his diagnosis and my Aunt Matilda disagrees, I’m not going to think they’re equal just because both are “opinions.” Propaganda is more likely to come from the ignorant than the knowledgeable.


Cannot stress enough how important this is

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I think you have the direction 180 degrees off.
The “intelligentsia” prefer a government top down and have the means to push that. Look at our country today. One can choose to be blind but their facts only represent their viewpoint. And it is a viewpoint which in no way equals “settled” science.