What are the chances

The new coach keeps Lunney, Stepp, and Traylor? They are all proven recruiters, which is exactly what we need. Would Stepp and Traylor be willing to part ways with Morris?

Until we know who the next coach is, it would simply be guessing.

All are good dudes, but you shouldn’t limit your candidates by telling them who they can hire

Stepp and Taylor have families to take care of and thus my guess is they will consider that more than anything while Coach Morris is financially take care of

I would keep Steve Caldwell. He’s the most experienced and best recruiter on the staff and knows Arkansas the best other than Barry Lunney.


Totally agree. The worst thing an AD could do in a head coaching search is get involved in the prospective HC’s assistant hiring. It’s fine to maybe give him a name or 2 that might be amenable to staying, IF the HC wants to interview him. But make sure to say it’s the new HC’s choice only, without pressure.

I would hope that the new coach would keep Lunney and Caldwell, but it will be his decision.

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Every new head coach seems to keep one or two assistants in some capacity (not necessarily on the field) because they know the lay of the land. I think Lunney will have a chance to stay. Who knows about the rest?

If Lunney ever has ambitions to be a head coach anywhere, I would think this is his chance to parlay the Interim Head Coach role into a head coaching job probably at a lower level. He needs to build a resume’ if he wants to contend for any P5 head coaching job in the future.

Coordinator is the next step for Barry Lunney.

I’d think he needs to get there quick too. I think he’s 45. If he wants to be an HC before he’s 50 he’d better have a couple of years as a coordinator before that.

Given that, if the NHC wants to keep him but doesn’t hand him a coordinator title, I wouldn’t blame him for going somewhere where he could run the offense and call plays.

Agree and add Tim Horton.

Clay, I like Caldwell, and have heard he’s a good recruiter. But to me, the defensive end position has way under-performed the last two years. They consistently are out of position and can’t contain, forcing the ball carrier inside. Isn’t that their primary responsibility?

Young players make mistakes. Steve Caldwell will coach these pups to great players. Wish he would have had Dorian Gerald this year. That was a big blow losing him in opener.

Dietrich Wise and Trey Flowers are two of his recruits that he coached up pretty good to nice pro careers. There was a wasteland at defensive end when Caldwell got here and he has recruited well and just needs time to develop them. Caldwell would be my first choice of anyone on the staff to keep.

It is a mistake to not keep Traylor and Stepp. If Lunney was not a Arkansas boy, no one would be pushing to keep him.

IMO having an Arkansas guy on staff is important. I’m for Lunney and or Horton.

We don’t need Tim Horton. You have Lunney on the staff besides Traylor would out recruit Horton 2 to 1.

I do know that Frank Broyles told Houston Nutt who he’d keep on his staff when he came from Boise, but left it up to him.

There was one that Frank said to think about keeping that he let go and that was Jim Washburn.

I ran into Jim as he was carrying a box of his stuff down the steps at the Broyles Center after getting the word that he was let go. I thought he might be bitter.

“No, he doesn’t know me from Adam,” Jim said. “He did what he should have done, keep the ones from Boise he knew best. He told me that Coach Broyles said to consider keeping me. He probably did. But the head coach has to be allowed to hire his guys and he did.”