What are the chances McGlothern stays for his Sr year?

He’s the real deal, but is his resume strong enough to go in the top few rounds?

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Unlikely. He should be a 2nd day draft guy. Came here to be “the guy” and was.

That said, wouldn’t it be great to have a CB room this off-season like the LB room last off-season? You know the starters are locked in and as good as it gets in the SEC. Having two lock-down cover CBs can sure make the rest of the defense “click.” It also allowed us to move Clark to safety and Slusher to nickel (where he had been all along, but you know they had to be tempted to move him back to CB) where they are better suited.

I initially said I thought he would get drafted in the spring, but reading through some draft boards, I’m not sure. I think he is the type who might be able to turn heads in a combine setting, and he has pretty good film to show from this year. It will be interesting to see what he decides. He is only a third year player, so his age doesn’t work against him like it might some others if he decides to come back.

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That’s the rub if he’s a second day guy. Money isn’t as good. Shorter contracts. If he comes back and continues showing he’s a lock down corner, then it’s first day and real money. I just wasn’t sure if he has done enough yet. The forced fumbles he causes and ability to hang out on an island would be big to me as an NFL guy.

It would be great for our team, if he returns for another season. I don’t think it is likely. McGlothern is a big CB and he has very strong hands, shutdown corners are rare and valuable.