What are the chances ANDERSON lands on his feet?

He will land on his feet. The man is a winner and knows how to go about his business. Wherever he goes, I will be rooting for him. This feels almost like a death in the family to me. I haven’t been this disappointed in our fans and administrators since Coach Hatfield was run out of town nearly 30 years ago. As I recall, that move didn’t work out so well for us. Note to HY, probably not a good idea to schedule The Citadel in basketball anytime soon.

If Mike has any competitive fire, that is exactly what he would want. Remember how players with Arkansas connection look forward to playing us? Pelphrey says he always looks forward to playing Arkansas.

That may very well be the case… Like I said I don’t know him… But Pelfrey didn’t spend 25 years of his life here either