What are the chances ANDERSON lands on his feet?

At Alabama? I think it would make for some interesting future games. Think he would recruit better there?


I would be very surprised if Mike ends up at a P5 school.

Will be interesting for sure.
Those who have defended him so ardently should expect him to land a pretty good job.

We will see

With his buyout, if I were he, I’d take a year off, then get back in the game in 2020. I’d bet that Vandy would be happy to interview Mike, if he were interested. Tougher place to win than here though.

Tulsa would be an almost perfect fit.

He played at Tulsa and is from Alabama, either would be a fit. Heck, if he went to TU, I could start following them again.

He will be a perfect guy to put out a dumpster fire sonewhere. Vanderbilt could be it.

The question no one is asking: Does Mike want to continue coaching? He always said he planned to finish his career at Arkansas, although I’m sure he did not have this ending in mind.

He will turn 60 this year, from all indications has managed his finances well and is set to receive about $3 million more to go away. He and his wife have spent 25 years in Fayetteville and built a home on the east side of town. Perhaps they decide to settle down and enjoy their golden years in a manner most others aren’t able to do.

Sounds like a smart move to me, but something tells me that the competitor in him will not allow him to end his career like this.

I suppose he could do both. Coach somewhere else and maintain his home in Fayetteville. He is too young to retire. Unless he feels it is too big of an uphill battle to run a clean program in today’s college basketball.

60 isn’t old at all these days, especially with a guy like Mike Anderson who stays active and in shape, he’s in better shape than most 30 year olds I know. You got several guys running for President in 2020 that’s in their mid 70s. I think these days we’re going to see less and less people willing to just ride off in the pasture when they turn 60, CMA doesn’t seem like a guy that’s just willing to let his career end with a 2nd round exit in the NIT. He may take a year off and take a break, but I think he coaches again.

Would be an instant upgrade over Haith at TU that’s for sure. Haith hasn’t made a post season the last 3 years there.

Alabama is also interesting, but I’m very skeptical if they would hire a coach that Arkansas fired, although CMA would also be an instant upgrade over Avery Johnson as well, and Alabama basketball would take 3 tournament appearances in 5 years in a heartbeat.

Mike will coach again…

Alabama might take a long, hard look……

I could see Mike coaching at an AAC school in the next couple of years…

I could see Mike taking a year off from coaching to assess his options, unless Alabama comes calling…

I doubt that he will be hired as the head coach at a top 25 college. However, if by chance he does and wins a lot, that’s great. If he chooses to retire, that’s great too.

However, if he doesn’t retire, I believe he will be hired by one of the smaller colleges where winning in their conference is not near as difficult.

He is the same age Nolan was when he left Arkansas and retired with the exception of coaching the women’s pro team. There will be plenty of schools that will go after him including P5. No losing seasons. A 65% winning record over his career. Runs a clean program. The good news for him is it’s 100% his choice what he wants to do. I just hope we don’t regret this decision ala Texas who is playing in the NIT while their former coach (Rick Barnes) is playing for a NC and selected Coach of the Year. We took a real gamble on CCM and the verdict is not even close to coming in if that was a good decision. We know we are competing with A&M, Al., probably LSU, and Vandy just in the SEC. We better be prepared to open the purse strings.

I wouldn’t be. He’s always won. Some schools like that. But regardless, unless he works at Arkansas in a non coaching capacity I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in the NCAAT before AR.

Now that is a bet I would love to take.

I don’t know him and this is strictly my opinion but I just feel that CMA would shy away from an Alabama job where he directly competes against Arkansas year in and year out

I think Mike would jump at the chance to coach at Bama if they came calling. Not a whole lot of hoops tradition, but still a P5 program in a major conference. Can’t see Mike turning down an opportunity like that.