What are reasonable expectations for football recruiting?


All things considered with the coaching changes (HC and assistants) and extremely limited time, what do y’all think would be reasonable expectations for football recruiting results for Class 2020?

Ranking in the Top 30?

How many quality OL and DL?

A quality QB?

Filling many needs including OL, DL and PK?


If he got top 30 that would be amazing. I think it’s doable, but will be tough.

We need a qb, only have 2 scholarship qbs on campus right now. Really wish we could convince Criswell to reconsider. I bet they go after a grad transfer also.

Curious to see what they can get done.

I am predicting 12-15 commitments by next weekend counting the Morris holdovers…not sure if they all will sign in the early signing period…there is a lot of strong chatter going on right now that they’ve already gotten 3 silent commitments in the last 48 hours…these guys will close strong. I actually think we are gonna finish 30-35 in the rankings. If they can get an OC by Monday and it’s Chip Long…I may go top 25 class. These guys are that good.

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3 silent commits. Tell us more…

I’ve heard rumors that JSJ is transferring but apparently he is not in the portal. Is that what you’re talking about?

If you read Richards post he thinks they might sweep the weekend…also pretty good intel CSP may have gotten a couple of commits prior to the weekend…Stepp has a big fish on the line…these guys can recruit…Missouri coaches will pay BIG dividends by the time this class is finished…

No I’m counting KJ and JSJ as the 2 I mentioned

You guys cut it out! All this very positive talk about the new coaches and the potential recruits is dangerously close to rekindling the fire within me that has been so mercilessly extinguished each of the past few years.
Forget that earlier part of this post. I’m already fired up and cannot wait to hear more as it unfolds!! A big “Pig Sooie” to you all! I’m more than ready for the beginning of a major turnaround!!!

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It would be amazing to be top 50 or better when hired a few days before first signing date.

Don’t worry about our ranking.

Pittman is going to develop what he gets into the 4-5 stars we seek in this class over time.

Lindsey is on scholarship now, so we have three scholarship QBs technically.

Pretty amazing if the small Pitt crew land the 5 who recently visited as RD mentioned without an OC on board yet.
Judging from that I could easily see a top 25-30 class once Long or an equivalent OC is hired.
As noted get a quality QB out of the portal which probably will happen when the OC is hired and let him make the pic(s) to go after.

Morris signed ESPN’s No. 51 class in his first class which was the first year of the early signing period. A top 35 class would probably be logical if they killed it in Feb but I would say it’s unlikely.