what are everybody's main concern for next yr?

I think defensively next yr what I am most concerned about is team ramming it down our throat right up the middle,unless the Ferrell kid is as good as he looks we have nobody in the middle that can stop sec running attacks I think our edge people will be the best we have had in a while and our back 7 will be better because of Chavis.

Offensively the only place I think we are SEC ready is RB.The OL will get some help with the new offense but IMO this is not going to be a good OL,you can’t lose a 1st rounder in the middle and not feel it,from what I saw in the spring they are not going to be able to run the ball effectively just no real push off the ball at all(maybe the 30 degree weather had something to do with it)I have never been comfortable with Jackson at LT but he is the best we have so be we have no choice,hopefully Walker weight loss will help him Pass block better…We have no proven QB,I have never been a fan of Kelley who has limited mobility and accuracy issues and Storey just has no experience and limited arm strength.I am a huge fan of Noland and hopefully he can come in learn the offense and get a shot at earning the job i was glad Morris said he would have no problem playing a freshman.I don’t much about WR because we showed nothing in the spring to be honest.

I think 6 wins will be good for this team and if our defense is much improved maybe 7.

For sure OL and DL are a concern. Youdaman makes good point about both. Beyond that depth in most areas is a concern. We need more bodies that can step in when someone goes down.

My gut is that a QB will step up and do fine. Not spectacular but fine.

Six wins would be huge. IMO

We need to win some recruiting battles. Big time.

QB is my biggest concern, given the new offense. I don’t think we have a viable QB on campus or recruited. I like what we have returning, elsewhere, including a new OL coach.


Everything. Offense, Defense and kicking game. Team morale and attitude. Consistent high level of effort throughout the game. Buying into the program. Recruiting. We’re on the bottom looking up in the most competitive conference in the NCAA. None of our SEC brothers pity us. They will keep their foot on our throat until whenever (if) we are strong and resolute enough to stand up and fight.


My main concern is defense. I think CCM will put in a offense that will score points. He has done it at every place he has been.

This team has some good talent. We might be surprised with the results if Chavis can get our defense in line.

It’s over…plain and simple. We didn’t have a problem scoring points. Defense killed us. Now we have a coach that thinks HUNH will work in the SEC. It does not. Kids aren’t excited by that. Kids are excited about going to the NFL.

We hired the wrong guy. Hope Jerry and Stephen are happy.

HUNH is the only thing that’s been able to beat Bama over the past several years.

I’ll keep on following you if you refuse to get your facts straight.

Snoop - you must have missed some of my posts. HUNH only works IF YOU HAVE THE TALENT TO RUN IT.

What offense works without talent?

Kids most certainly want to play in the HUNH… saw kids at Auburn, Missouri, & A&M kick our teeth in consistently doing it. Watched OleMiss beat Alabama doing it. Something not even Petrino’s pro system could do.

I am worried about attitude, effort, and belief. Bielema created a losing culture. We’ve been losers finding ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory time and time again.

How long does it take CMM and staff to change a losing culture ?

My concern is if the ’ That’s another AR first down’ chant lingers longer in the season than it should.

Again, they do not run what CM wants to. And guess what they have done? Beat us at recruiting better talent.

TAMU didn’t run this style. Auburn runs part of it. But those schools have NFL and SEC talent. We don’t.

And CBB DID NOT promote a losing culture up there. That’s insane to say that. He had one arm tied behind his back from day one. When he could run the ball we were ok. But defensively, we were awful. We have always been awful at defense. Years and years of watching teams throw the ball over the heads of the secondary.

Curious Elmo about your comment CBB had one arm tied behind his back from day one. On other posts you say things that make me think you believe we have the cheat to recruit well. Maybe not. But please explain.

No you are right:

More 30 + losses in the SEC than any other coach since we joined in 1992

Horrendous in close games


Biggest 2nd half collapses since the early 1970s back to back against Mizzou and Va Tech

You are right - big winners on the Hill :lol:

All teams cheat. Let’s just leave it there.

Losing 2nd half games and losing close games are because of not enough talent.

Coaching was not the main reason. And almost all the players loved CBB.

Yep, Mizzou (4-8), Toledo, Texas Tech, and Rutgers just overwhelmed us with talent :lol:

Main concern is “Everything”.
Arkansas seems to have great facilities, but for some reason that doesn’t seem to be a big enough selling point to entice top recruits to actually sign to play football in Fayetteville. Unless we begin to win in recruiting the Hogs we continue to lose on the field to our SEC West opponents that are able to sign better and deeper talent pools.
I’ll be surprised if we win more than six games this season for exactly that reason.
We will still struggle on the O-Line which will lead to the defense getting worn down in the second half. I’d like to be more optimistic, but I just don’t see a big turnaround in year 1 under the new staff with the current roster and no QB that could start or for that matter even make the roster on most other SEC teams.

Go Hogs!