What are CBB's options?


All joking aside, if you were CBB, what are your options at this point in the season? What can CBB do to fix so many serious flaws?

  • Weak OL and DL
  • Slow LBs and DBs
  • Defensive players consistently out of position
  • Horrendous tackling
  • Lack of effort and heart

The only consistent strengths the Hogs have exhibited this season are QB AA, the receivers and the kicking game. The RBs have been averaged…perhaps due to such a weak OL.

Other than that, so many players have regressed. Our DL was to be the team’s strength. DW and his fellow DL have just disappeared. The OL has been a weakness since last Spring.

I’m at a loss on what CBB’s options are at this point of the season. I can understand being tired playing eight consecutive weeks but not to the tune of 56-3. For the past three seasons, CBB’s teams improved the second half of the season. Auburn challenged our manhood and kicked our ass in the eighth game of the season when historically we’re hitting our stride. Hopefully CBB and his staff find the solutions to so many glaring challenges. And soon.