What an underwhelming hire Enos is - Sam better know what he's doing

Go to recruiting page and see RD’s post on his thoughts on Enos and his recruiting ability. I tend to think he has more knowledge on this than any of us on this board.


Enos has worked with and around good coaches and is a good coach. This is a really good hire.

I laugh when someone writes “Sam better know what he’s doing.” Well we can change your posting name to “Captain Obvious.”

Hiring coordinators is a big boy task. Sam is a big boy. (My captain obvious retort.)


Let’s go back to OP.

Whether the fans (or one fan in particular) are underwhelmed, overwhelmed or properly whelmed DOES NOT MATTER. Neither does the “splash hire”. Nobody ever won a college football game, much less a championship, in late January. And “winning the press conference” does not matter either. Sam knows exactly what he’s doing. He worked closely with DE on the Bielema staff and knows what he’s getting.

But since you’re such an expert, who would have made you happy? My guess is nobody; you just like to b!tch.


Looks like a very good hire to me. Now let’s fill out the roster and get better…

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I assume the numbers are right. Dan’s last year Austin Allen was hurt much of the season and Cole Kelley had to play a lot or the numbers probably would’ve been better. That was a very average O-line too.


I looked up Enos’ UA numbers last night for a separate thread. That looks right. Also of note, Enos’ red zone TD numbers were better than KB’s, even in 2017.

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I completely disagree with your header and your take. I think this is a terrific hire. Not good. Terrific.

When CBB was here, people of course grumbled when we lost games. And often would grumble about the one thing everyone loves to grumble about: play calling. Specifically, not throwing it all over the yard.
I recall then that I was one of several, one being Swine, saying that the problems on Bret’s teams under Enos was NOT THE OFFENSE. As Richard showed above, we scored plenty. Moved the ball well. Very well.

I liked Dan’s offense under Bret. But watching Maryland this year, which I did multiple times, this will be a pretty seamless transition, Except–frankly–I think Enos will bring some maturity and discernment to the job. Briles was awfully wed to his cute trick plays. Just like his Pops. Nothing against Briles. But that derailed some drives. And our Red Zone performance was less than wonderful.

I think Enos is a BETTER FIT to work with Pittman. And that is, at the core, the bottom line.

Assuming KJ stays I anticipate a better offense next.

Bravo Sam. Great hire.


I do like to bitch, however, that’s not necessarily the case here. I would have liked to have seen a younger, dynamic recruiter chosen. Alex Atkins at FSU comes to mind.

What case? You haven’t made a case. You only said it’s an underwhelming hire. A meaningless observation unless you have some qualifications and insight nobody here knows about.


What a dumbass post by Bayou.


Where is the civility, boys? Again, I just stated my opinion on the matter, and if it’s wrong then so be it! I have a right to question anything that occurs, just like you do. Believe it or not I hope the Hogs are nothing but spectacular offensively! However, I do think they probably could have hired someone better.

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Enos called some trick plays that actually worked. Like the play against Ole Miss where he lined Jared Cornelius up at tailback (he was a WR) and ran a sweep that scored.

And a reverse to Cornelius at Baton Rouge that went for a long TD.


Texhog nailed it!


I think it’s a great hire. I bet the hogs will be more unpredictable on offense than last couple of yrs


Totally agree. I am talking more about running cute plays when they weren’t really necessary, and derailed drives. Or just being stubborn about it. How many times did we try to complete the WR pass? How many times did it actually work. I literally used to say “no!” as soon as I saw it coming.

Allow me to say this. I am not dogging on Briles. Just saying that I think Enos is actually an upgrade. ANYONE that Saban goes out of his way to hire can flat coach. That is a fact.


Yes, my thoughts when I saw “Sam better know what he’s doing” were… that is true for everything he does as head coach. He’s responsible.


But, but, but…tiresome.


Could see young Mr. Satenga in this role Swine with his speed!


For all the right reasons, Enos seems to be a great hire & an upgrade to our offense & overall UofA coaching staff.

KB improved the offense & made us relevant again but for all it was time for change.

CSP must be excited about the opportunity to hire Enos back to Arkansas & what he brings to the table. Also significant that Enos wanted to be back at Arkansas.

Seems moronic for a UofA fan (assuming he or she is a UofA fan) to post a sensationalized & negative claim without any explanation & start poisoning the well, especially on day one.

No valid or constructive reason for players & recruits to see & read negative topics such as this on UofA social media.


The only time I remember it working was against A&M in 2021, underthrown and Burks made the catch.