What an underwhelming hire Enos is - Sam better know what he's doing

because if this fails (IMO it will) Sam’s gone too

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Sam better hope the defense can cover a WR/TE/RB on a pass route a whole lot more than how his offense will preform.


I do not agree. Dan Enos did a really fine job as our OC here. He could move the football. i am glad he is back.


In watching Maryland’s highlights from 2022, it’s easy to see why Pittman hired Enos, especially when you couple the fact that Pittman and Enos have worked with each other. Maryland was running an offense quite similar to Arkansas. You can imagine KJ Jefferson doing some of the same things when you watch Taulia Tagovailoa.

Enos also brings head coaching experience to a staff that is otherwise relatively young. Most head coaches like to have a former head coach in the building. Pittman lost that type of presence in Odom, and Enos fills that void.


EVERY time we hire a coach (head coach or assistant) we see these types of posts.

Fans get enamored with one coach or another, usually for reasons having very little - if any - relationship to the coach’s ability to be a good fit in the situation he’s being hired into. In truth, 99% of the fans (including, most certainly, ME) don’t know enough about the coach, his experience, how he will be used on our staff (sometimes, coaches move responsibilities when a new coach is brought on board), his relationship with the Head Coach or other coaches on the staff, his relationship with High School coaches, etc., etc., etc. to have a legitimate take on who is or isn’t a good fit “for us”. But that certainly doesn’t stop many (most?) from opining on the subject.

While I’m interested in who we hire and how he pans out - of course - I generally limit my input on who we should and shouldn’t hire, instead bringing links on rumored candidates and the like. I figure Sam - whose job depends on making a good choice - has a LOT more good input on who he wants and needs than I do.


Some may forget that Enos’ offense with Brandon Allen was among the most effective in the country in 2015. And, since he’s been here, he spent time in Alabama expanding his RPO knowledge. Plus, Sam knows him.

For all of these reasons, I’m encouraged. I was not “wanting” KB to leave; but at the same time, it’s probably about time for him to take the next step in his career path. The only thing I have any concern about - and this is not specific to Enos - is that we don’t lose effectiveness transitioning to the new offense and having to learn the new terminology. We’ve got some outstanding performers and I want to see them unleashed without any restraints.


We do have several newcomers to the offense so learning a new “system” was going to need to happen anyhow for them, whether transfers or incoming freshmen.

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I for one mentioned yesterday I was somewhat flat lined with this hiring but the more I read it is very clear to me that Enos has broadened his OC play calling even more since he left us and worked with Tua (he put up great numbers that year) and now little brother who has also really excelled. I don’t see any drop off at all and think this will be big for KJ as well!


But can he recruit?

Here’s a list of Enos’ recruits over the years, including some he landed for BB.


I rest my case

You have no case. Or a few other things. I am completely baffled as to why a “fan” feels the need to be negative about EVERYTHING.


Go to recruiting page and see RD’s post on his thoughts on Enos and his recruiting ability. I tend to think he has more knowledge on this than any of us on this board.


Enos has worked with and around good coaches and is a good coach. This is a really good hire.

I laugh when someone writes “Sam better know what he’s doing.” Well we can change your posting name to “Captain Obvious.”

Hiring coordinators is a big boy task. Sam is a big boy. (My captain obvious retort.)


Let’s go back to OP.

Whether the fans (or one fan in particular) are underwhelmed, overwhelmed or properly whelmed DOES NOT MATTER. Neither does the “splash hire”. Nobody ever won a college football game, much less a championship, in late January. And “winning the press conference” does not matter either. Sam knows exactly what he’s doing. He worked closely with DE on the Bielema staff and knows what he’s getting.

But since you’re such an expert, who would have made you happy? My guess is nobody; you just like to b!tch.


Looks like a very good hire to me. Now let’s fill out the roster and get better…

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I assume the numbers are right. Dan’s last year Austin Allen was hurt much of the season and Cole Kelley had to play a lot or the numbers probably would’ve been better. That was a very average O-line too.


I looked up Enos’ UA numbers last night for a separate thread. That looks right. Also of note, Enos’ red zone TD numbers were better than KB’s, even in 2017.

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I completely disagree with your header and your take. I think this is a terrific hire. Not good. Terrific.

When CBB was here, people of course grumbled when we lost games. And often would grumble about the one thing everyone loves to grumble about: play calling. Specifically, not throwing it all over the yard.
I recall then that I was one of several, one being Swine, saying that the problems on Bret’s teams under Enos was NOT THE OFFENSE. As Richard showed above, we scored plenty. Moved the ball well. Very well.

I liked Dan’s offense under Bret. But watching Maryland this year, which I did multiple times, this will be a pretty seamless transition, Except–frankly–I think Enos will bring some maturity and discernment to the job. Briles was awfully wed to his cute trick plays. Just like his Pops. Nothing against Briles. But that derailed some drives. And our Red Zone performance was less than wonderful.

I think Enos is a BETTER FIT to work with Pittman. And that is, at the core, the bottom line.

Assuming KJ stays I anticipate a better offense next.

Bravo Sam. Great hire.


I do like to bitch, however, that’s not necessarily the case here. I would have liked to have seen a younger, dynamic recruiter chosen. Alex Atkins at FSU comes to mind.