What an interview

He’s a heck of a ball coach, but anyone who listened to Bo’s show last season, well this would definitely make it on to the Tadlock Saloon segment.



I guess they deleted the tweet.

NM, I found it somewhere else.

Very informative. Learned a lot about baseball and how the game should be played. :lol:

really? I couldn’t hear it. :smiley:

It’s what he didn’t say that was so informative.

Think I’ll use his interviewing technique next time the wife wants me to cut the grass, :wink:

Can you see me? No honey, I can see you, but I can’t see the grass!

I felt like I was watching a duck hunting show…

Tadlock is great. I really enjoyed his press conferences last year in Omaha. Something I learned while there, he and Dave Van Horn were coaching junior college in Texas simultaneously in the early 1990s - Van Horn at Texarkana, Tadlock at Hill. I’m not sure if their teams ever played each other, but it sounded as if they go way back.

Now both are easily top 10 coaches in the game.