What an incredible game by Gafford!

It’s the best I’ve ever seen him play he dominated everything inside!if he can continue to play like that we can surprise some folks. Love that Desi sills is getting better every single game!

I think Big Dan wanted to send a message playing against Hall.

Saved his best for last, great game and great win. That’s a 12 point win over a team projected in the field, although we probably just knocked them out.

He played a great farewell game.

May not be his last BWA game. NIT very possible now.

To me, it looked like he just had the DESIRE this game, more than any other game I’ve seen him play. He went after every board, and called for the ball much more this game. He keeps playing like that and we make a deep run in the SECT.

Saturday he showed why he will be a high draft pick. This game may be the best performance by a Hog big ever. It certainly is in the class of Joe Kline vs North Carolina. Kline and Big O were our best bigs and Dan’s game against Alabama was as good if not better their best.

I agree. However, because we lost the game, his performance against LSU in Fayetteville doesn’t get the same recognition but that 32 point effort was equally dominating.

Message delivered. He destroyed Hall. Just embarrassed him.