What an incredible first half!!

I don’t know where this teams been but I sure do love it! Simpson who shot the ball the way he looks like he should. And Gabe is played an incredible half his made three or four beautiful passes!I know it’s going to be hard to keep it up but it sure is awesome to see us by this kind of basketball!

Yes this just shows the potential these young guys & team have.
Nice to see us not have to dig out of hole, instead going toe to toe from the opening tip.
Gonna be a tough 2nd half here. Refs aren’t helping & that may only get worse.


We got a great half from Simpson with 13 and Gafford with 15. Joe and Jones are gonna have to get hot for us to upset the Tigers.

What’s up with those bikini bottoms a couple of those dudes are wearing? Not a good look. Where is their tailor?

First half
FG 63.3%
3’s 54.5%
TO 6
St 6

FG 48.1%
3’s 23.1%
TO 8
St 3

I’m waiting for the inevitable post blaming Mike because we don’t play like this all the time…

Relax Swine don’t spoil this euphoria now.

Well common Sense tells you if we’d had play like this we wouldn’t have lost any of those games duh. I’m just enjoying watching us play great basketball for a change

True that. Enjoy it while it lasts!