What an exciting game!

On the other hand , I just can’t imagine UA ever getting anywhere near enough talent to compete on this stage. We don’t have a player that could man the water bucket in this game.

Nutt and Petrino had teams that competed with the best. It can be done at UA.

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Just hope it happens in my lifetime. I would love to go to a NC game

Yep. It’s a joke how far we are away from these two teams. Light years. Been that way a long time. Thanks Jeff and Julie.

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We’re a very long way from them right now, but there was a time we were among the best. Heck, it hasn’t even been that long ago–2011. Even if we weren’t national championship caliber that year, we were close enough that maybe one or two players could have gotten us there.

It’s been a discouraging decade, but I think we’ll be back to at least respectable within a year or two. After that, I’m confident we’ll be a good team, but still aware we’re playing against the best competition in college football. An SECW team can go 9-3 or even 8-4 & be among the top 10-20 in the country.

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The NC game will rearrange the recruiting results for the next couple of years to: LSU - 1, Bama - 2, Clemson - 3. I’m surprised Clemson hasn’t found their way on our schedule.

We’ve been playing football for 126 years now and Clemson never found their way onto our schedule. Or any other ACC team. Our only regular season games against any current member of the ACC were the home and home with Miami while they were independent, and only a few bowl matchups (Georgia Tech, Duke, UNC twice, Virginia Tech).

Argh…the game in LR was among the worst of all time.

Jesus is still weeping. Game the following year in Miami was more brutal because we could or should have won it.

I think Rakeem Boyd, Treylon Burks and Trey Knox would do more than man the water bucket.

But obviously they need more talent.

We were there til the brutal end. I talked to my best friend that week. He lived in Kentucky at the time we talked about the game. He said he would watch it on TV. I told him me my wife and 2 girls would be in the Southwest end zone wearing red if he wanted to spot us.

He called me that night and said “I’m pretty sure I saw y’all on TV at the game”. He said the camera panned to the South end zone late in the 4th quarter and saw 4 people siting all alone and assumed it was us because he knew I never leave a game early.

That was a pounding…

Think maybe Clemson would pay us a million to go the Death Valley and play them?

Oh I think that would have to be a home-and-home. Which would be interesting. Maybe we could be competitive with them by then.However, since they play the Poultry every year and have several games coming up with Georgia, they may not want to play another SEC team any time soon.

Future Clemson NC Power 5 opponents, by the way (again add SoCar to this since they play annually):
2020 – at Notre Dame
2021 – none
2022 – at Notre Dame
2023 – Notre Dame at home
2024 – Georgia in Atlanta
2025 – LSU
2026 – at LSU
2027-28 – home and home with Notre Dame, sites TBD (remember that ND is now a semi-ACC member in football and plays 5 ACC teams annually, although in certain years it may be 4 or 6).
2029-30 – two more with Georgia.

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