What an emotional roller coaster of a game!

I was at the game, and it seemed that every few minutes it went from “YES! to Oh NO!”. From the nice offensive execution on first half drives, to penalty after penalty stalling the drives. To MS St’s last second 1st half ending TD!

Then during the last beautiful Razorback drive with 2 min 20 sec left, to the missed 4th down pass (I didn’t see the flag & thought the game was over). To the beautiful yellow flag I finally saw. Then having to watch us play with our DBs and LBers dropping 20 yards back with 21 seconds left. To the “I can breathe again”, FG miss.

In the end, a beautiful WIN! 6-3 looks SO MUCH better than 5-4, regardless of how it happened!

I actually believe it was a really good win for the Hogs. Most all fans, me included, vastly underrated this MS St team. Just look what they had done in their last 4 SEC games, coming into this game:

Beat then #15 A&M, at A&M
Lost badly to Bama, just like everyone else
Annihilated Vandy
Beat then #12 KY.

That’s 3 of 4 SEC wins including 2 top 15 teams, losing only to Bama. They came in on a roll and we came in struggling a bit having lost 3 straight SEC games.

How could this not be considered a GREAT win!


Mississippi State beat a good NC State team, too.


Every win in SEC and especially the West is a big win, A great deal depends on how your opponent is playing when you have to play them too.


Yes, and NC State has a very good team.


It would really be nice to have more than one offensive weapon. Makes it hard competing against 11. I just wonder if we’ll always have less than the other teams. It’s almost remarkable that we have 3 P5 wins.

Burks, KJ, Dominique, Rocket. We only have one “All American”. But how many teams have more than one 1st team All American offensive weapons? The other 3 are clearly solid SEC players and are offensive weapons, and quite possible All Americans in the future.

Another on that list, C Little.


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