what an absolute Pathetic display of Baseball

this is a weird team!! just embarrasing how bad they can look!team has so many guys not playing well.long season but right now we are pitiful!

I guess I see things differently. They’ve won nine of their last 13 and lost by 1, 2 and 2 on the road. I don’t see that as being pitiful; I see it as a bad weekend. It happens.

well pitiful maybe too strong a word but absolutely unacceptable baseball no excuse for it whatsoever…better get it figured out or we are going to blow it.

An elite team should be able to at least win one game. MooU just rub our noses in the dirt.

Consider the source. He was saying that when they were rolling.

I see it as a frustrating but not unexpected result after Friday. When they blew an early 4-0 lead with their ace on the mound and facing a road doubleheader I saw it coming.

They could have just as easily swept with better play here it there or a few breaks.

Weird things happen on the road. They were outplayed this weekend and got some bad breaks. A call that was clearly fair was called foul. The zone expanded laughably at times. It just seemed like a doomed weekend once they choked Friday.

I thought the early hook for Knight, again, set a tone. I wonder if Blaine is experiencing some fatigue or soreness. He hasn’t been effective and DVH had pulled him early 2 weeks in a row.

Asking Cronin to get 10 outs or whatever it was at the time was a big ask. And it burned him for the series.

More than anything I think they have some key players all slumping at the same time and that is a recipe for trouble. Biggers and Koch are pressing and taking terribke at bats. Bonfield isn’t producing and has hit into some bad luck. Their most consistent and productive player (Shaddy) keeps getting hit on the hand and wrist and having to deal with it.

Shaddy and Koch compounded things with really bad baserunning decisions. Koch was a sieve behind the plate. Heston is in a mini slump (for him).

But mostly they just don’t have the bats going. When 5 of your regulars (Koch, Biggers, Bonfield, Heston and McFarland) are scuffling it’s tough to overcome when your SPs don’t have great outings.

This is a very good team and thankfully they’ve played a very hard schedule. They just need to take care of business and land a National Seed and from there it mostly comes down to a break here or there.

You do a good job of talking me off the ledge, Notorious. I was not just out on it, I was about to jump. I’ll still feel better if we can sweep TT & Alabama.

Being sweep is bad… being sweep by this bunch is just nauseating. It puts a lot more pressure on next week and we’ll find out what kind of team we have then.

This team has not really been in a slump till this weekend. Still in first place. It happens. I think they will rebound. I was not surprised that the road woes would get them. They gave up a 5 run and 3 run lead this weekend. They will learn from it. Remember, they have also won some very close games. Stuff happens.

yeah PIG and the source is right way more than he’s wrong! but I will be glad to be wrong but this team has several areas that have to come together that’s tough to do when you play our kind of schedule.

I said we were playing pathetic when we were playing good??? but considering the source I’m not surprised :?

Sure stuff happens, but truly elite team overcome…but losing 3 games to MooU come on :oops:

You act as if Mississippi State’s baseball team is like Vanderbilt football. They are two years removed from winning the league the last time and five years from playing in the national championship, a run that caused several of the current players to commit over other top programs. They have two players who are among the top 90 draft prospects this year, regardless of age. They play at a home ballpark that has consistently been one of the best home field advantages in the country. They are two weeks removed from beating the then-No. 3 team in the country at home.

Yes, they have had a rough year, but that is due more to a coach becoming a distraction to the point he was fired and less due to talent.

It was bad to get swept and not a good weekend for Arkansas in some areas, but let’s not act like it happened against the laughingstock of the conference.

Are we a better team than MooU, I think so. Do we have better talent than MooU, again I think so. I agree with you if we play a one games series anything can happen. But to lose 3 games, come on…as the better team, we at least should’ve won one.

In baseball, 3 games are like 1 game in other sports. If a team gets hot (and MSU has been hot as of late) and another struggles (and Arkansas has scuffled some lately), then being swept in a series isn’t surprising. Happens all the time in MLB where a first-place team is swept by a last-place team.

Wait a minute… we were just as hot as MooU coming into this series…So what happened…I guess it’s the old Arkansas inferiority complex…I thought we were over that.

Youdaman, a suggestion not intended as a negative attack: read your comments before you post. You are very knowledgeable an have lots of good information to share. However, don’t post until you have our emotions under control. No ill will intended!

Yes. You have all year long. As soon as they lost a series you said bye Top 10 ranking. They then moved down 2 spots to like 5 or 6. Then, when they lost a couple of road series against top 10 teams you said something similar. The respect they have earned nationally stayed the same.

When they struggled to beat a bad team midweek you were sad and embarrassed.

They went on to win 9 out of 10 and open up a solid lead in the SECw despite opening with series against 3 Top 5 teams and another Top 25 team.

That you would even deny you are the King of Chicken Littles shows a complete lack of self awareness.

Now, I’m frustrated with the weekend and I actually agree with your thought that it was bad baseball this weekend.

But, it’s clear that when they lose you’re going to rail about it being “sad”, “pathetic” and “embarrassing”.

You’ve done it all year long. You tried to throw in a positive post or 2 last weekend so that you could point to them and say that you’re positive, but it got mixed in with others in which you were griping about the Friday night loss.

It was a bad weekend. No doubt. They’ve struggled to close out wins on the road and that’s a valid concern. They’ve struggled recently with RISP. That’s a valid concern.

They-like everyone else in America are in trouble if their top flight pitchers have off nights–and they won’t make it if they don’t play well in postseason. That’s a concern.

But the words you use to describe a team that leads the SECw and was 3rd-ranked in the country and by acclimation a national seed coming into the weekend (and as far as the national seed will still be projected as one coming out of it) are what make your posts seem so laughably knee-jerk in nature.

But, you do you. It’s entertaining. I was just reminding Matt he was wasting his time trying to calm you down.

Nothing worked for hogs this weekend.
I thought even the decisions Coach Van Horn made with the pitching didn’t work either. Pulled Blaine Knight late or too early. Putting Cronin in the game early and left him in too long! Leaving Campbell in the game too long. Benching the slumping hitting only to pinch hit them in the second game today! Especially Grant whom failed in the late to produce in game one in a huge spot!
It’s baseball and it happens. I hate it but the hogs are a good team. I hope they play well in the Texas Tech Series.
This isn’t the end of the world and the sky isn’t falling!

I hated the early hook for Knight but assume DVH knows something we don’t. He has pulled Blaine early 2 straight weeks in close games and we promptly lost the lead.

its amazing how much you remember everything I post!find that hilarious but you and I go way back and have had numerous discussions about things(mainly football) and you’ve been wrong in the long run every time! and I never see you post anything positive so you have 0 cred with me!! I am positive all the time when we play well not just like last week unlike you! anyway its real simple when a team that has this much Talent continually plays beneath that talent level its concerning and opens itself up to criticism(and if you weren’t embarrassed and saddened by us having to rely on last inning comebacks to teams nowhere near as good (EVERY WEEK) as us and can’t see that as problem then I can’t help you buddy LOL)I see a team that has a problem focusing and playing with same mentality every day that is what great teams do they bring it EVERY DAY may not win everyday but you don’t see them make the mental mistakes and lack of execution that this team has shown to date.

We have time to reach our potential for sure but the problem with this team they have several areas that must come together not just one and that is the problem we have to improve on hitting when it counts!bullpen,defense getting a 3rd starter.

I am harder on this team because they have set the bar very high for themselves and
have continually have not played up to it and to me that’s mental!!if this team were predicted to finish 4-5 in the conference you wouldn’t hear me say much at all because they weren’t expected to…the ole saying goes to whom MUCH IS GIVEN! MUCH IS REQUIRED! and for this team to get a national seed they have to get all their ducks in a row and start to focus on playing to their talent level EVERY DAY!