What amazed me last night

Clemson, w a freshman qb and a wr or two, didn’t have to dumb down their offense. I realize they had a good offensive line and supporting cast. The qb not only has talent but he must have smarts enough to read defenses etc. just reinforces that if you don’t have a qb you don’t have squat.

Also their defense was very complicated according to announcers. They must have very intelligent players. They let it all hang out on both sides of the ball. Cudos to their coaching staff for top notch recruiting and teaching the players to play their scheme. I was impressed.

I hope we see something like this at Arkansas one day. One can wish can’t he?

Announcers cannot go wrong talking about plays after the fact, but the game is more simple than they let on meaning in a lot of cases Player A flat beats Player B and there is no science to it.


Important to remember that QB was the No. 1 high school signal caller in the nation last year and was an early enrollee - both things that really helped him and his team.

he was good but his receivers were awesome. hope some of our 6’3" 6’4" receivers are that good.


Lawrence wasn’t just your ordinary # 1 HS QB & # 1 overall HS recruit. But a kid with Power 5 offers since his freshman year in HS. Physically & mentally NFL ready right now.
Same talented WR’s he will be throwing to during the rest of his Clemson career.

Most impressive about Clemson, the Players that could have gone pro last year, especially several studs on Defense, but chose to come back.

When evaluating young QBs, it is important to remember that they all develop at different rates. Trevor Lawrence is obviously a phenom and deserving of the praise that he is getting. That does not mean that others are ready at the same age.

Yup and Yup. The kid was starting in the 9th grade…if eligible would be drafted very high now.

Contrasting this with Alabama who has had 16 defensive players go to the NFL the last two years I believe it is. Something to be said for stability both in players and coaching staff.

A clean pocket helps tremendously. Kudos to the Clemson OL.

Gil Brandt, previous GM of Cowboys, stated that Trevor Lawrence is the most impressive college QB he has ever seen.

That’s some high praise.

Lawrence led his team to 15-0 state titles as sophomore and junior. Basically a 4/year starter in high school. Broke DeShaun Watson’s Georgia passing records. Kelly Bryant never had a chance. Alabama recruited him very hard.

Dabo gives the impression of this happy-go-lucky kind of guy that loves everyone with a smile. True is like all the great ones he can turn hard line in an instant. Early in the game he turned to an assistant after Bama’s second score and told him to “go do your job” and there wasn’t a smile involved.

Yea that country cliche, if we - little ole Clemson can do it anybody can, lol. Not going to fly anymore.
He is nearing Dynasty Mode now.

I thought that comment was directed to the Line Judge. But, you might be right.

I spoke to a friend of mine who is an official last night. He agreed with me that it looked like Swinney was yelling at the alternate official that stands on the sideline. If you’ll notice, that official was not wearing a striped shirt, but a black jacket. His job is to go in the game if an official gets injured and to chart penalties. There is one every game, lots of times a referee from another crew in the conference that is not working that day.

So I went back and watched. Swinney was mad about what he thought was a missed holding call on the previous play that led to a big Alabama gain. The ESPN multi view confirmed that he had been on that alternate judge for several seconds - maybe 20 or more - before the main telecast cut to him. The “do your job” quote was the last thing he said to the alternate.

What is ironic is that, from what I have been told, the alternate is not supposed to be part of the game unless he has to go in. The only thing he is supposed to say to coaches is that they need to move personnel backward on the sidelines, although some feel the need to stick up for the officials on the field. That wasn’t the case in the championship game, as the alternate just listened. Dabo had tried to get the attention of the officials on the field, then laid into him because he was on the sideline and had no choice but to stand in his position. He was doing his job.

Alternate Officials are probably the Coaches whipping boys a lot then.

No doubt. I remember being on the sideline for the 2010 Arkansas-LSU game. Toward the end, Bobby Petrino was unhappy about something on the field (I forget what it was). Steve Shaw, who now is the SEC coordinator of officials, was the crew chief that day and Petrino couldn’t get him to come to the sideline. So he laid into the alternate, who just happened to be Marc Curles. Everyone knows the history between those two stemming from the Florida 2009 game. Petrino gave him an earful that everyone around could hear. Curles didn’t say anything back; just kept his eyes on the field and continued to chart the game.

Maybe BP put a little extra on it that day as well, considering the previous Fl debacle & Curles involvement.
That being said, Refs are human to & those type tongue lashings (BP type especially) a person never forgets.