What am I missing here?

Georgia doesn’t have any elite running backs. You are routinely in the top five recruiting classes and you don’t have a 5 star RB?

Your quarterback is not a runner, pretty one dimensional.

Your offensive line is a concern.

Is Sam and Odom not licking their chops?


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The key to college football of late has been a QB who can make plays with their feet (or at least buy some time). You can play man-to-man and blitz against a QB that is not mobile. Changes the game. Georgia’s tailbacks are good, but not elite. You are onto something. That’s why they didn’t score much against Clemson. I do not think the Clemson defense is anything special this season.


I’m not sure about UGAs OT’s against Tre Williams either…. I think he can cause some issues…

This will be a good low scoring game.


You are going to start to see more tight ends to his side.

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The Georgia ranking has more to do with history on their brand and Clemson than what has happened this year. Their O-line and running backs are far short of what they have had over the last three years. When you throw in our recent history of losing, you get this crazy 18 point underdog Hogs (if I was a betting man, lock of the year). Teams just can’t believe the hype surrounding the Hogs until they get on the field and feel it. We have a lot of NFL talent, good coaching, hungry as hell, and little weakness in our ST, O and D. If we had a stud or two at tight-end, it would be scary where we might go this season. Time to scar the SEC blue-blood’s pretty face.

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To help out with blocking or to serve as the outlet or hot route?

Blocking. We are talking about the other team neutralizing Tre Williams.

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And, I bet we see Odom moving Williams to help expose an offense trying to double him. Chess masters move several steps ahead of their opponents.

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