what adjustments do we make vs NC?

I wonder if any changes to offensive sets to try and get high percentage shots around blocks or get to free throw line more?

Would love to see some additional inside games from Cook and Trey or at least positioning among bigs for O rebounds.

On D, do you try to hurry up Carolina more with press or make it more half court game?

Nothing to lose against NC and hope we bring everything we have.

recruit a couple more 6 10 guys!! lol they will kill on the boards if we don’t improve,if i remember that’s what they did the last time we faced them.

Meeks only had 9 points the last time we played them! I think that’s correct! If Mosses can duplicate this performance from today we will be fine. We will have to play the 3 point arc. If we are able to shot above 45 % I like our chances.
We need former hogs Ballintine and Joe Kline to give the team a pregame speech!
Both of those hogs did the impossible years ago!
Our guards will be put to the test. Thomas woke up today we will need him!
It’s all hands on deck.
Isn’t it wonderful just to get the first win in the Dance.

Klein and Ballentine did their work. However will never.forget Al McQuire telling Daryl Bedford that he wasn’t that good.

Meeks was in foul trouble in that game, limiting his output. On the other hand, Higs wanted to get him in foul trouble and it worked.

I watch them play today until the half-time. In addition to Meeks and company, they had one guy was hitting 3’s like it was in style. Seton Hall had one who dominated the board, they have 3 at all times. They would not allow any penetration in the lane. From what I saw, we must do: 1. Knock some three’s to pull them out to perimeter to open lanes to drive in 2. Keep two Bigs under our basket at all times to defend and rebound. 3. we must be patient offensively to find good shots and draw fouls, and shorten the game. The more we drag it out and frustrate them and their coach the better for us. 4. We must watch our passing not to turn the ball over to make it easy. We must make it hell over high waters to have a chance.

So we run some high/low post with Moses and Trey I wonder to ensure someone inside to attempt O rebounds?

Shoot and make more threes. We have good shooters, but don’t make enough attempts.

Play with high intensity from the tip. Out hustle UNC on every play.

The Hogs can win this game. We have some darn good players.

Go Hogs!!!

Justin Jackson was the guy making 3s. I wanted my Thunder to look at drafting him, but his stock is going way up and he’ll maybe be a lottery pick.

UNC is HUGE in person. Tall and long. Seton Hall rebounded 33 percent of its misses coming into today. UNC is No. 1 in the nation in offensive rebounding percentage… 42.2 percent.

Oh no. What can we do?

Box out and gang rebound.

I hope that is being worked on. We do that and attack rim and threes, and play solid d we can win.

It will take our best collective effort from each player to win this one. Hannah’s and Macon need to be hot and Moses play as he has been. Carolina looks more talented and deep than Kentucky. It’s a tough draw for us but this is March Madness, it can be done!

You know, I saw a lot of people make a big deal about Seton Hall’s offensive rebounding (at one point it was 7-1), but I was seeing AR box out, but the rebounds were coming off long and over our inside players. The guys they were blocking out were just tipping the ball over our guards who had inside position. I don’t know how to stop that. When everyone is doing the right thing and the ball bounces funny off the rim. Hope it doesn’t happen the same with UNC.

I agree they are very long and athletic, Jackson is a stud.

Box out, cut down on turnovers, no ticky tacky fouls, hit more threes, and hustle Hawg style the entire game, and we’ll be in it at the end where we are at our best hitting free throws…

Kentucky is more talented and arrogant! North Carolina is more disciplined! Tennessee had them beat and turned the ball over late and missed free throws.
The recipe to win has many parts! Gang rebounding, avoid careless turnovers, get Meeks and Hicks in foul trouble, make Justin Jackson expend energy on defense and dog him hard making him work for his shots in offense and last but not least we need luck! We are a good free throw shooting team and can knock down the 3!
I believe if we can shoot better than 45% and have less than 10 turnovers the game school be in the 80’s and we will be well within reach of a win! Also we will have a big game from a unsung hero!

I know I’m beating a dead horse here, but we need to learn (and FAST) to put a body on a body and rebound the ball. We would be so much better if we rebounded better. I can’t count the times yesterday where we had 3 or 4 players standing around and the 1 SH player in the area rebounded the ball! Put a body on a body and block out! It’s really not that hard.

I’m with you. Also wish there was a way to add some height and length to several of our guys before tip off.

But if we are aggressive we can still have a shot. But will have to beat them. NC will not hand us a win. Got to take it to them.

Everyone in the national media has chalked this up as a win for UNC so the pressure is off to a degree. I think their bigs and ours cancel each other out but they out rebound us. Who covers Justin Jackson at 6-8 because that may hurt us. Otherwise, it probably comes down to our guards against theirs. Their guards are NOT like Monk and Fox. Their guards let Monk get 47. I think their guards are great but they are not like the rare type of guards we saw at UK.

I’m curious about how CMA handles this game. If we win, we don’t play again for a week which could change the depth strategy. Do we see more of MK and Trey together? Do we use more zone because of their fast pace, rebounding and better athletes? Which of our 4s is athletic enough to cover 6-8 Jackson? Cook is quicker than Thomas but not quick enough for Jackson. Adrio Bailey at 6-6 is the only one I think of with freakish athelticism but he is so inexperienced. His vertical jump over comes his 6-6 height in this match up.

Nothing we do is designed to have players in position to box out five. The matchup zone lets the bigs stay closer to the basket for rim protection. We can also play the passing lanes while still being in position to challenge. If Moses and the guards are aggressively challenging shots, they frequently won’t be in position to block out anybody. Exclusively zone Syracuse was in the bottom 20 in defensive rebounding last season and went to the FF. UNC is going to get offensive boards. The guards have to rebound and help harass the UNC bigs when they do get put-back opportunities.

This game should have more transition than the Seton Hall tilt. We should get more treys against defense that is not completely set. We have to knock them down from multiple sources. We also badly need to avoid a bad start. If we get down early, CMA will be handcuffed to play certain lineups longer than he prefers, and we will be in the reverse position of being the team that tires.

My guess is that the good scenario is that this game becomes an epic shootout. The other favorable scenario is where UNC’s shooters have a horrible game from the perimeter. We swept A&M, also one of the best offensive rebounding teams in the nation, but didn’t have to contend with a strong perimeter game at the same time.