What about

Kevin Kelley or Rick Jones for OC ?

I’m sure Pittman is real comfortable going for it on 4th and 25 from his own 15 yard line.

Don’t be ridiculous. Now is not the time for risk taking with a high school coach.

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Rick Jones coached college football for a few years. I’d be surprised to ever see him leave high school football again.

But it is to hire an OL coach as a first time HC?

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we are not lacking for candidates, even very good candidates. Strange to think that the Pittman hire was almost the same genre as the OP tone… What about Pittman (albeit after more common and assumptive names either used us again or were not interested (mutual disinterest)). If you had Long, Briles and Applewhite as probabilities on the day of hiring Pittman, then all would be well and better received. Bonus add of Odom and this could be a powerful triumvirate at the head of the Razorback rescue. Much better recruiting cache pending.

Who hired a high school guy to be their OL coach?

Won’t need to spend a scholly on a punter and long snapper.

Pittman brought a wealth of SEC experience with him. The 5A and 7A classifications in Arkansas are so far behind that level of competitiveness.