What about Will Gragg

What is the status of him? He’s going to be a redshirt sophomore, right? I’d like to hear more about him. Is he going to make his debut at the bowl game, or what?

Good question…he was a big time recruit for us. The last I heard he was still on the scout team.

He spent this season on the scout team. I would think the added playing time of Grayson Gunter and C.J. O’Grady late in the year would indicate they progressed quicker than Gragg. It would appear he is no higher than the fifth tight end on the roster right now.

FWIW, I had him behind Cantrell and O’Grady when they all signed.

Well, from the outside looking in O’Grady looked good to me when he did play and looks like a playmaker who could’ve been a matchup nightmare, but we had him on the scout team. I truly believe the staff mis-evaluates some of their players…Just look at the Gibson kid.

I think with O’Grady it was not doing other things that were expected and not talent.