What about the Malzahn house in Fayetteville?

So will it be put back on the market now? In what neighborhood is it? I was kind of looking for a house up there.

Or will it be a vacation home?

Or will the Malzahns keep the house and will it be the Gus house when he becomes our head coach in 3 or 4 years after Auburn fires him or after he starts losing there and beats the posse out of town to the U of A.

Just wondering.

And who will be the Razroback coach in the meantime? Do we just keep the interim for a few years and hold the job for Gus when he can take the job some time down the road?

Gotta have a sense of humor and laugh at all this mess. :stuck_out_tongue:

JL Smith can be the interim :smiley: :lol: :lol: