What About the College Basketball Invitational?

Some of you may not even be aware…but what about the CBI (College Basketball Invitational)? 16 teams who are not participating in either the NCAA or NIT are invited, the format is home/away, the final is best 2 of 3. Nine teams who were invited last year declined the invitation, most notably Maryland and Georgetown. Receives very little media coverage, even less than the NIT, you have to search hard to even find the scores, although ESPN carries the Championship series. I would say with this young team take it, but evidently Georgetown and Maryland last year thought it was an embarrassment.

My guess is if they don’t get into the NCAA or NIT, Arkansas would not pay to host - as you have to do - to get into the CBI.

You have to pay $50,000 a game to host the opening rounds of the CBI and then $75,000 to have a semifinal or final game at your place.

Dam, didn’t know that. They’d still make a pretty penny. But I think your right…not a problem, Hogs are goin’ to win out and take a game in the conference T :sunglasses:

The CBI is only a half step above the driveway tournaments. The driveway tournaments are free, but spectator seating is limited. The players love them. They are fun, but coaches fear injury on the iffy playing surfaces.

It’s a NIT II. Small differences as Dudley posted, host teams must guarantee part of the proceeds to the Tourney. Past participants include Oregon, Texas, Purdue, Houston, Pittsburgh, TCU, Oregon St, Utah, Cincinnati…the trend has been the last few years for the
Major’s to decline the invitation. All Games are played in the participants arenas, no trip to Madison Square :sunglasses:

Do you think at some point there will be senior players that refuse to play in the NIT like the football players not playing in bowl games ? WPS

Wow. Prophetic. Incredible.

What’s your opinion? WPS

Didn’t Gafford do this?

Yes he did and there will be many more to come. I don’t see anyway to stop this and we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. NIT, bowl games and even the NCAA tournament will all see the numbers go up of players declining to participate. It won’t just be lottery picks that decline it will be guys who will probably never suit up again not showing up and why should they. We’ve seen for years coaches in all sports hold out players in games once a playoff position had been secured to rest them and protect them from a injury until the playoffs began and it makes sense. But now players are making this decision themselves in spite of what’s best for their school or teammate. Our sports will never be the same again and right now the way it seems to me as a fan all we can do is get used to it, hopefully they can come to a resolution to this issue that will be acceptable to all involved. WPS

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I suspect in 50 years college sports will be like the European club model

Not familiar enough concerning the European model to speak about it sorry, what do they do pay everyone? WPS

Depends on how good you are